The Zen of Adopting an Anti-Aging Diet

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent age-related diseases. Regular physical exercise, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, and eating healthy meals can prevent many problems associated with aging. These problems include memory loss, decreased cognitive ability, and chronic diseases.Here are some suggestions on how to start.

Antioxidant Diets

Antioxidant foods reduce or eliminate free radical damage to the cells. Free radicals are oxygen molecules that initiate illnesses like osteoporosis, Alzheimers, cancer, and heart disease.Phytonutrients, a group of powerful antioxidants, can be found in fruits and vegetables. Eating a wide assortment of colored produce, with a minimum of five daily servings, is usually recommended.Phytonutrients can also be found in whole grains. In addition, whole grains provide soluble fiber, an indispensable aid in lowering blood cholesterol levels.While the role of antioxidants in assisting healthy aging has been well publicized, the role of inflammatory foods is less well known.

Anti-inflammatory Diets

Anti-inflammatory diets reduce the risk of diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and obesity. These diseases are a result of inflammation at the cellular level.Unfortunately, many convenience foods available from grocery stores contain inflammatory products. Packaged foods, margarine, and a variety of oil lends are the leading culprits.Here are some key ideas to keep in mind:1. Despite millions of dollars in advertising championing the value of packaged foods, the plain truth is that most packaged foods are bad for the body.This is not only because of the use of chemical preservatives, but also because of the high level of sodium, dietary fat, and calories in them.These convenient meals, made even worse through the use of the microwave, can quickly cause inflammatory problems.Even three TV dinners a week can easily add up to an extra 3,000 calories, as well as large amounts of fat and sodium. Each meal can cause inflammation for hours after consumption.2. Margarine is more popular than butter because it has fewer calories. However, margarine is less easily absorbed by the body and may even cause increased cholesterol levels.3. Oil blends are more popular than pure oils like olive oil because they are much cheaper. Unfortunately, while easier on the budget, oil blends often have trans-fatty acids, which result in inflammation.

12 Suggestions for Healthy Eating

Here are 12 foods that should be included in an anti-aging diet:1. Nuts and seeds. A high source of vitamin B. 2. Yogurt and kefir. 3. Peppers. 4. Hot Peppers. 5. Legumes. 6. Whole grains. 7. Fish. 8. Fruits 9. Vegetables. 10. Acai. 11. Nuts and seeds. 12. Beans and lentils. 13. Buckwheat. Both grain and seeds. 14. Super green foods, such as wheatgrass and barley. 15. Allium vegetables. (Shallots, chives, scallions, leeks, onions, and garlic.)

Stay Hydrated

Make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day. One rule of thumb is to drink according to your bodyweight. So if you weight 180 lbs, you should drink 90 ounces of water. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will prevent dehydration. Your body needs water for innumerable metabolic health.In summary, a good start to adopting an anti-aging diet is to follow an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory diet. Also, add a few of the foods suggested in the 12 healthy foods. Finally, stay hydrated throughout the day.

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