Who Should Drink More Milk?

1.Those who work in front of the computer.

Scientists found that when people are working in front of the computer, there is a great loss in Vitamin A and Vitamin B in our bodies so as to lower our vision. It also causes the lack of calcium which is a type of minerals, and under the bad influence of the X-ray which is a type of radiation. As milk contains lots of Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Calcium, it can help to lower the risk brought by X-ray to your body.

2.Patients of Osteoporosis

Many experts state that lack of calcium is not the only reason of having Osteoporosis; it is also related to the lack of Manganese and Vitamin D. As Manganese is not only participating in the activation process of many cells, it can also promote the uptake of Calcium with Vitamin B. Many experts suggested that the patients of Osteoporosis should drink more milk besides taking medicines and exercising which is under the advice and monitor of the doctors. It is because milk contains active Calcium, Manganese and Vitamin D, which can help with cluing the disease.

3. Patients of Atrophic gastritis

Proteins in the milk will have some changes after heating. This type of protein and the phospholipid substances in the milk will stick on the wall of the stomach closely so that it can protect the gastric and stimulate the secretion of gastric parietal cells in the lower part of the stomach, and it can help with the repair of the damaged gastric. At the same time, the lactose in the milk can decompose the lactic acid produced during the digestion process and the Portugal acid can also increase the acidity of the stomach to a suitable level and limit the harmful bacteria to decompose protein to produce harmful substances. So that for the patients of Atrophic gastritis, it is good for them to drink more milk. As it can provide enough nutrients to them and help with cluing the diseases related to stomach at the same time.In addition, dental caries patients, patients with gallstones, acne patients, insomnia patients and patients with myopia, should also drink milk regularly so as to help with the cluing of diseases and help them to stay healthy.

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