What My Weight Struggle Taught Me

I struggled with weight and my relationship with food for as long as I can remember. I was using food to escape from the discomfort of my emotional life – but of course back then I called it ‘lack of willpower.’I understand the impulse to want to eat the cookies. In the moment it feels like a convenient escape, but the loneliness, the anxiety, the sadness and fear are still there after the cookies are gone.weight-struggle-taughtFood was my drug of choice. And for so many of us, that ‘addiction’ manifests itself on the outside as unwanted weight…a visible reminder of our relationship with food.  And it manifests on the inside with feelings of failure, lower self-confidence, and the internal turmoil at every meal (and a lot of turmoil in-between meals). But this struggle with food and your weight — takes you away from your sober, clear minded, autonomous self…it takes you away from bright joy and from creating what you really want to create while you are here on earth.And I knew I was meant to do bigger and better things on earth than worrying about food and my weight all the time. The mental (and physical) toll it was taking on me, took me away from fully living my life. From fully being who I knew I could be.

So I finally got tired of the constant struggle and I went in search of a better way.

Here are some important lessons I learned:
I learned how to be my own authority. I had to find the quiet, mature woman inside of me who could make a decision about what really worked for her body — whether or not her doctor, her friends, or her culture understood. I learned the right way to do this, and now I show others how to do the same for themselves..saving them from the years of frustration it caused me.Strategies to Deal with Food CravingsI learned that self-discipline has nothing to do with it. Trying to lose weight via self-discipline never worked — in fact, thinking that my eating could be impacted by self-discipline was what kept me stuck in the addictive cycle for years.I learned that I needed tools and supportive new structures in my life to make the changes. I spent so many years trying it on my own. Not allowing anyone to help me. Not allowing myself to open up to what really needed to be addressed. Not accepting that I couldn’t, and shouldn’t, do it alone. That if I wanted to fully live my life and get out of the struggle, I had to love myself enough to ask for and get support.I learned it’s not about trying to ‘fix’ myself, but instead that it had everything to do with making peace with who I am, understanding why I ate when I wasn’t hungry, and changing how I think about food.And in my Thinner Peace Weight Loss program that’s what you’ll learn and what you get, plus a whole lot more.I’ll help you discover that it’s not really about the food at all.  We’ll explore what beliefs are driving your behavior and holding you back from living the life you really want to live.  Understanding why you do what you do is your ticket to freedom – so that the weight doesn’t ever come back.  Ever.Acai berry and weight lossI’ll bring the tools, support, structure and expertise to get it done….quicker, easier and more simply than you could ever do on your own. You bring your commitment and desire. If you show up and do the work, you WILL experience shifts in your relationship with food, your body and your life.So, you decide. Are you FINALLY ready to launch into a new life with a body that feels light and free, and the self-confidence to go along with it, that you know is available to you?To find out more about Thinner Peace Weight-Loss Program and to register, just click on the link below:Thinner Peace Weight LossThe EARLY BIRD special offer ends next week.Get access to me, and powerful tools, now at this low price, and don’t kick yourself later for putting off this affordable opportunity to have me help you access the naturally slender, healthy body you’ve been dreaming of. And let’s find the real you who lives a more vibrant, lighter and fulfilling life.

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