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Vagisil Screening Kit Measures the pH of the Vagina - Mass Nutrition

Vagisil Screening Kit Measures the pH of the Vagina

Are you looking to test for vaginal infections at home? Maybe you’re shy to visit the gynecologist, like many other ladies. Guess what? There is a kit made for women like you, who are probably experiencing symptoms such as an unusual vaginal discharge or odour, or itching or burning in the vagina.


The kit’s purpose is to help you decide whether the symptoms are those of a yeast infection or another type of vaginal infection.

What Does Vagisil Test For

The kit measures the pH of the vagina. This screening kit consists of a wand developed by a gynecologist. This vaginal wand has a pH paper on one end and comes with a pH colour guide. pH indicates how acidic the vagina is.

Screening Kit Instructions

Vagisil is easy to use with fast results and is clinically tested. To use, a women inserts the vaginal wand inside her vagina and presses it against her vaginal wall. After removing the wand, she is is able to match the colour with the pH colour guide.The yeast that causes a yeast infection is known as Candida. This yeast is actually found in healthy vaginas as well as other parts of the body. Your vagina usually has numerous healthy bacteria and yeast living in it. The bacteria helps keep the yeast under control by keeping the area acidic which prevents the overgrowth of yeast. When there is an imbalance, it can cause the yeast to overgrow. Imbalances can be caused by medications (antibiotics especially), a weakened immune system, hormonal changes, and some medications. Symptoms of a yeast infection typically include burning, swelling, and itching in the vagina. You may also experience discomfort or pain during sex. A burning feeling while urinating and unusual vaginal discharge (similar to cottage cheese) may also be present.It is important to use a product like the Vagisil Screening Kit because your symptoms may be misleading. There are numerous other infections that have similar symptoms to those of a yeast infection, such as bacteria vaginosis. However, these infections may actually be more serious.Let’s read now some brief Vagisil Screening Kit Reviews and hear how other women are getting Vagisil Screening Kit Results…
Customer warning tip: people need to realize that this product is a test to let you know your possibilities. It is not an ‘yes’ or ‘no’ like a pregnancy test. And it’s not a doctor in a box either…
If you are still unsure whether you have a yeast infection or not after using the Vagisil Screening Kit, it is best to visit your family doctor. Your doctor will be able to diagnose your symptoms by taking a sample of your vaginal discharge and will look under a microscope to check for yeast growth.You may also want to read about: Enzymatic Therapy Pearls YB … RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement … Vagistat 3 … Vitanica Yeast Arrest …

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