Total Gym 1100 Reviews

Total Gym 1100 is another model of home workout equipment you can find out there. Talking about workout equipment, I really suggest you to do some exercise with this equipment regularly. There are two reasons that I’m going to tell you now. First, this equipment is beneficial if you want to lose some weights and body fats effectively. You know, it’s rather hard to decide which weight loss methods can effectively lose your weight as there’re just too many methods outside. Second, if you want to stay healthy without spending much time and energy, doing some workouts is the best I can recommend. Anyway, here I’m going to specifically talk about a model of home workout equipment, Total Gym 1100.

Home Workout Equipment, In General

So I’ve mentioned previously that you’d better do some workouts regularly, and I said this for one reason: workout is probably the best method to both lose some weights and take good care of your health. Unfortunately, people who are living a modern lifestyle like ourselves hardly have time to do some workouts at the gym. And this is when I highly recommend you to get Total Gym 1100, one of the best and preferable home workout equipment –and it simply means that you can do some workouts at your home. That’s right; with Total Gym 1100, you don’t have to worry about spending some time to visit a downtown gym.

Technical Information of Total Gym 1100

I recommend Total Gym 1100, doesn’t mean that I ask you to immediately purchase this product. Especially if you have never heard of a home workout system before (and especially this product), you had better learn more about the product. I’ll help you out to do this by describing its technical detail.
  • Total Gym 1100 comes with the dimension measurement of 99.5x16x43.8 inch. If you’re familiar with gym equipment, yes I’m telling you that it’s much smaller than gym workout equipment in general.
  • Besides compact size, this workout equipment also comes with slightly lighter weight (compares to workout equipment in general): 54 pounds.

Features to Enjoy when Using Total Gym 1100

Now let’s move on to the features you can enjoy when using Total Gym 1100, including kinds of exercises you can do with this product. Here goes.
  • This workout system comes with such ergonomic glide. This feature allows you to sculpt, tone, and also strengthen your entire body from shoulder to toe.
  • There are around 60 exercises you can do with Total Gym 1100, and all of the workouts use gravity and body weight for effective resistance.
  • This product is including handles, leg attachment, and also wing as well.

Customers Also Like Total Gym 1100

One thing that I’d like to tell you about Total Gym 1100 is that: customers, as found in reputable online retailers as Amazon, like this product. Of course, they gave mostly positive reviews, thus, also giving it an almost-perfect five-star rating. I also personally like this product, and don’t mind if I had the money (about the money, not worry about it because it is quite affordable). In addition, online retailer is the best place to shop for Total Gym 1100.

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