Top Tips To Lose Weight Safely

lose-weight-safelyI’m pretty sure that there are not many people who go through life without having to diet or lose weight at one stage or another!  From experience, most of us know that losing weight can be extremely difficult.  Many people find themselves dieting and then immediately regaining their lost weight…. and more, known as yo-yo dieting.  If you are trying to lose weight or you are planning to diet, then here are some tips that might just help achieve your goals!

Why Do People Have Problems Losing Weight?

Many people struggle with dieting for so many  reasons. Probably the biggest cause of failure is the lack of willpower. Most nutritionists agree that a lot of diets are not sustainable for many, many reasons.  The 2 biggest reasons for failure are:
  • Most Diets Are Just Not Sustainable: Most dieters set off full of vigour and promise on day one and make huge changes to their eating habits that they cannot possibly sustain for the longer term! You may be able to stick rigidly to the diet for the first week, maybe two.  But most dieters return to old habits within two weeks or so. Why? Because the regime of denying yourself foods that you love and not replacing it with equally satisfying foods is totally flawed from the outset.
  • A Feeling Of Failure: Once you fall off the diet wagon, it is easy to get into the mindset that you are a failure. That can lead to emotional comfort eating to help with the feeling of failure which that goes with your abandoning of the diet.  Once again, the pounds creep back on and once again you think about dieting but putting it off.  A vicious circle!
Absolutely key to weight loss is for the individual to adopt a healthy and sustainable eating plan that DOES NOT starve you of the foods you know and love.  Instead, you limit the intake of the ‘bad’ foods that you know pile on the pounds and substitute for healthy food that you can eat plenty of whilst still allowing yourself regular treats.

What Can You Do To Lose Weight safely & Fast?

Honestly?  You shouldn’t look to lose weight fast.  As already mentioned, a quick weight loss means you have to starve yourself of almost all the foods you love, cakes, biscuits, pasta, potatoes and more!  Far better to start a healthy eating plan that helps you to replace your bad eating habits with one that is considerably healthier.  There are numerous plans available that help you to slowly change your eating habits.  Look in any book shop or on the internet for reviews, and don’t forget to seek medical advise when looking to lose weight. Whatever plan you choose, it will require you to reduce your calorie intake – so ensure you understand how many calories are in the foods you buy. A average man  needs 2,500 calories per day and an average women, 2,000 – that number of calories maintains weight – to lose weight – the calorie intake must be lower.

Should I Exercise To Help Speed Up Results?

Oh Yes! Exercise is great when done with a well balanced eating plan.  What type of exercise will depend upon your age, weight and general health.  Excercise doesn’t mean you have to sweat for hours down at the gym – whatever is undertaken must be sustainable for the long term not just the immediate future.  Weight loss can only be achieved and maintained if the overall eating and exercise plan are enjoyable and can become a regular part of everyday life going forward. But, swimming and walking are great ways to start your daily exercise regime.  Swimming for example can burn a significant proportion of your calorie intake: A 30 minute swim burns the following: Recreational pace = 90 – 220 kcal Moderate pace = 150 – 370 kcal Fast pace = 220 – 550 kcal Leave the car in the garage and add a walk into your routine will also burn up those calories – for example, a moderate pace at 3 miles and hour would help you burn in excess of 200 calories in an hour.

Should I Use A Diet Supplement?

garcinia-cambogia-dosageThere are a lot of diet supplements on the market that claim to help with weight loss.  However, there is one supplement that is causing quite a stir amongst doctors and scientists.  Garcinia Cambogia extract, a diet supplement which first hit the headlines in 2012 on ‘The Dr.Oz Show’ is now freely available for purchase.  Clinical research has been conducted and it is reported that garcinia cambogia supplement can help reduce weight by up to 2 to 3 times more when taken with a diet plan and exercise.  Along with the clinical research, there do appear to be many testimonials from people who say it has worked well for them.

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