The One Resolution You Need to Make

woman-on-scaleI know this is the time of year when all we think about New Years Resolutions.  There’s so much diet and weight loss talk on tv, in magazines and on the internet… how can one not think about it?

I don’t like Resolutions.  Though I do think it is important to have goals to better yourself, whether it’s to exercise, live healthier, or fix bad habits.  But the pressure, hype and unrealistic promises out there can be too much.

And judging by the emails and tweets many of you have sent me so far this new year, everyone has hope about 2013 —  yet you have anxiety about the pressure to get in shape and make big changes, and fear that you’ll be back where you were in a few short weeks (if you’re not there already).

My best advice is to tell you to just relax, try your best to stay in the moment, pay attention to your food, and not to make drastic resolutions and proclamations.  They simply just don’t work.

This New Year’s Eve I had a few glasses of wine, and I ate a dinner of cheese fondue with some nice crusty bread (something I learned to love when I lived in France).  It was delicious, yet not exactly a ‘skinny’ meal!

But unlike my behavior in my 20’s and early 30’s, this wasn’t an emotional binge, it didn’t stress me out, nor did I wake up on January 1st and make a resolution or extreme proclamation.  I was simply hungry and I wanted it (who couldn’t resist some creamy, melted cheese on bread!).

The next day, January 1st, I ate what I normally eat for breakfast and continued life and eating as usual.  In fact, I had two cookies that were leftover from Christmas, but it was all in moderation just like I do on any other day (they were small cookies).

The old me would have binged on New Year’s Eve, then awoken on January 1st vowing to start a new diet (yet again, though every other one had failed me) and swearing that I’d never eat fattening food again.  And that I would hit the gym every free moment I had.  All of which is just simply ridiculous.

Today, I aim to get some moderate exercise 3-4 days a week, adding in a bit of light weights two of those days (as a woman over 40 I think weights are necessary and helpful).  I eat foods that nourish my body, give me energy, and make me feel good, while allowing a guilty pleasure when I want it (yet in moderation).

What I eat or do is really irrelevant, as you need to find what works for you.

But I want to point out that extremes and resolutions do not work, but instead put you in a stressful state, and often make you even more obsessed with food, your body and your weight.  Which is pretty much the opposite of what you want, right?

You have our own likes and dislikes and your own habits, and your own needs.  You need to live your own life, rather than do what some unrealistic diet book or workout guru tells you to do.  You need to find what works for you.

You will reach your weight loss goals by living a healthy lifestyle. And living a healthy lifestyle means eating nutritious foods, fitting in exercise when you can, and not feeling guilty when you indulge in treats.

A diet is temporary. Being healthy is a way of living.

My wish for you in 2013 and every year — is that you’ll be good to yourself, eat well, and allow yourself an indulgence in moderate amounts when you want it and without guilt. And that you won’t obsessively exercise and instead just do what is good for you when you can.

Believe it or not, small efforts throughout the day, the week, and the year are the key to living a ‘naturally thin’ lifestyle. Overeating or bingeing, followed by starving or dieting and running to a ‘bootcamp’ or some other severe form of exercise is extreme and will not last.   The results are temporary and you know you cannot keep up that extreme regimen for long.

Yet these are difficult concepts to really grasp, as just like anything, merely reading, learning or understanding something isn’t enough to make lasting changes– you need to experience them and implement them into your daily life.

For some of you, you need something to start you on the right track.  My Thinner Peace Weight Loss Program is great to get you going. And for those of you who want even more support, tools and implementation my Eat Without Guilt Personal Package is for you. (the New Year’s Special Discount ends TODAY. See the P.S. below for details).

Let this be the year you find the peace and balance you crave, and live it your way and without guilt.

Happy New Year!

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