The most common poisonous food in the kitchen

In fact, we almost eat some animals and plants that may contain toxic substances everyday. It is not difficult to see the news about food poisoning in the newspapers.In order to ensure that such things will never happen on us,it is necessary for us to have a fully understanding about the most common toxic food in the kitchen and how they harm us.


Apricot is one of the most useful seeds and it can be nearly the best seeds to our health. The unique taste of it and the wide varieties of the use of it have made it to be the most popular composition of pie in recent centuries.The Bitter Apricot Kernel has the best taste among all apricot as it has the richest taste so it is very popular in recent centuries.But than, what we must consider is that apricot contains cyanide which is toxic.Apricot must be processed before having it on dishes. However, it is not difficult for us to see that some illegal merchants still sell the Bitter Apricot Kernel illegal, such as some merchants in New Zealand.In addition, you can also eat the apricots inside the almonds. The taste and toxicity of them are more or less the same. Heating it can help to solve the problem of toxicity.You may not know that selling unprocessed apricot in America is illegal and that implies that the apricots that you can buy have had been heated which without any toxicity and bacteria.

2. Leaves and seeds of Cherry

Cherry is commonly seen and it can be cooked, make wines, or just simply eat it without any treatment. Cherry, plums, apricots and peaches are from the same family.The leaves and seeds of these fruits contain high levels of toxic compounds. But, among them, apricot is the only exception case, especially those that majorly used to harvest their seeds.When cherry’s seeds was crushed, or just chewed, or simply slightly damaged,they will produce hydrocyanic acid.So take care, when having cherry, you shouldn’t chew the seeds of cherry.

3.The seeds of apples

The same as cherry and apricot, apple also contains cyanide, but the quantity of it is much less than the two others’.It is easy to eat the apple’s seed accidentally when we eat apples. But than only if we have taken a lot, you will fell uncomfortable.Eat one or two apple’s seed cannot kill you, but than there is a chance of being killed because of apple’s seed if you have taken a large quantity of it.We do not advice anybody to hold something like eating apple match. By the way, hope that you can find a whole worm inside, not only half. Or course, no worm is better.Well, if you pit apples into saline, the worm will all die.

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