Does Test X180 Work for Boosting Your Testosterone Levels?

You know that feeling. You used to be able to workout much longer without being tired, or lift your wife without a second thought. But now, it just seems as if everything is harder. Plus, doesn’t it feel like you need more sleep just to have the energy to get through the day? Why is that?It’s a well known fact that when we get older, our bodies don’t work as well. As a man, some of the effects are a little disconcerting: you no longer feel a strong sexual drive, you seem to be losing muscle mass for no reason, and you generally feel less energetic. This all happens as a result of the decline of one very specific hormone: testosterone. As we get older, we produce less testosterone, and the testosterone sensors in our body begin to work less effectively. This explains the lack of energy that you may feel. Fortunately, there’s a possible solution to this problem: testosterone supplements. I will be reviewing one such supplementtoday, Test X180, to let you know if this could possibly help you.

What Test X180 is All About and Why You Should Care

test-x180-review At its basis, Test X180 is a testosterone booster. What does this mean, besides the obvious, “it boosts testosterone levels”? Well, testosterone is a human hormone, found in higher concentrations in men than women, that primarily involves influencing your sexual drive and increasing muscle. Also, as you get older, hair loss, weight gain, and other undesirable effects are associated with a decrease in testosterone. Testosterone helps prevent all of these things, so testosterone boosters, which increase your testosterone levels, help combat these unwanted consequences. First I’ll look at the ingredients that Test X180 uses to see exactly how it works. 

What You Should Know About Ingredients

Very surprisingly, Test X180 actually lists all of the ingredients that are used in its making. This is really rare for testosterone boosters. Instead of going over all the ingredients found in the product, I’ll talk about the most important ones:
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract: Testofen. Testofen is derived from the fenugreek seed, and is really what makes this product work. It increases the free testosterone levels in your body. This is the first, and currently only, ingredient that has been clinically demonstrated to increase testosterone in the body, as opposed to just bring back lowered testosterone levels.
  • Caltrops. This product supports healthy levels of a variety of sex hormones in the body. These hormones are necessary for regaining libido, along with muscle production.
  • Panax Ginseng. The main purpose of the ginseng is to increase blood flow in your body, but some studies have suggested it may also improve cognitive ability, so this is an added benefit.
  • Cordyceps Sinensis. This herbal ingredient is also meant to increase blood flow, as well as maximize the efficiency with which your body uses oxygen, important for muscle growth.

Does Test X180 Really Work?

As one customer put it: this product makes you want to workout, enhance libido like crazy, and see instant results from lifting…
Obviously the product worked very well for him. To see other opinions on this product, visit and see how well it worked for other customers. Obviously, it will vary person to person, as this type of product really depends on the differences in each individual’s body.

What’s New in Test X180 that You Cannot Find in Other Products

best-test-x180-reviewThis product actually works for people. There is clinical research showing how the Fenugreek seed extract testofen actually does increase testosterone levels, and thus people can see tangible results in muscle growth and other areas. Yet, the ingredients are also listed. It doesn’t just show some of the ingredients: the full ingredient list is available online to anyone who wants to research it. This is important for many people. Often times, the products out there with all the ingredients listed don’t actually work. That’s likely because the ingredients are simply filler compounds that don’t actually help testosterone levels increase, so companies list the ingredients to make it seem more buyer-friendly. On the other hand, an extremely common complaint I found while researching similar products online was that many of the products that did work did not provide the full list of ingredients. Of course, for some people this is not a bad thing, but for others, it does lead to questions. If the product works, why not tell the customers what’s in it so they can feel safe using it? So, this rare combination of having a product that works and actually listing the complete set of ingredients sets apart the Test X180 caplets.

Complaints About Test X180

While researching, there were a couple of complaints I came across several times. This, of course, is to be expected, as no product works perfectly. The major ones of these complaints included:
  • Customer service may seem pushy to some people, trying to get you to buy more than your initial order.
  • It is not as tasty as some people would like it to be.
  • It does not work as effectively for some people as it does for others. This likely has to do with your starting testosterone level.
  • May take longer to work than wanted. The label does say that the best results will likely not come until after 8 weeks, since it takes our bodies time to fully react to the product, but some people were disappointed in this wait.

Where to Buy Test X180 From

This product is available @ Amazon, my personal recommendation for where to buy it. Amazon has one of the most secure and reliable methods available for purchasing items online. The shipping is also relatively quick, and the prices are cheap. Currently on Amazon it is selling for $35.25. If you feel like you’re gaining weight, losing muscle mass, or are losing your sexual drive due to lowered testosterone levels, then consider that this product could help you reverse all of that. If that benefit seems worthwhile, then it might be to your advantage to buy this product. An important note, currently the makers of Test X180 are offering a 14 free day trial, so if you are going back and forth about buying the product, maybe trying the free trial is the right thing for you to do.Here are other testosterone boosters products you may want to check out: If you found this review helpful, please tell others about it.

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