Symptoms of Ulcer Explained in Layman Terms

What Is An Ulcer

There are countless medical conditions all over the world, and the symptoms of ulcer happen to be some of the most reported. Here, we need to talk about ulcer first. The definition of an ulcer is quite simple and straightforward. An ulcer is said to occur whenever there is a break in the continuation in a membrane or an inner lining that is referred to as the epithelium.This sort of breakage is not only structural, it also affects the functioning. Ulcers are found to be higher in certain parts of the body and these include the mouth, cornea, genitals, blood vessels and the skin.

So What Are the Causes of Ulcer

acid-reflux-symptomsThe explanations that have been given to explain the causes of ulcers are varied. One is that stress is involved but researchers are yet to validate that. That said, there is a clear correlation between the presence of Helicobacter pylori and development of ulcers, with special reference to peptic or stomach ulcers.Apart from this bacterial infestation, there are some other factors that can considerably increase your risk of coming down with an ulcer. These include excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, administration of painkillers and even smoking.For older patients who are dependent on painkillers to take care of their arthritic joints, ulcers are noticeably of a higher incidence rate in them. It has also been noticed that some people of certain blood groups like A are more predisposed to developing ulcers.  

The Top 5 Major Symptoms of Ulcer

Although ulcers appear in various parts of the body as stated earlier on, they also come with their own associated symptoms, and it is these symptoms that are the focus of the various treatment methods used. These are the five leading symptoms of ulcers:
  • Heartburn
This is a very common feature of peptic ulcers. The ‘burn’ or sensation is not coming from the heart. It is actually coming from the acidic secretions eating up the lining of the stomach. Gastric hydrochloric acid secretions give rise to this specific symptom.
  • Severe bleeding particularly when the ulcer is affecting the blood vessels.
  • Pain, this can be generalized or limited to a specific area.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • There can also be anemia from the blood loss.

Are There Any Ulcer Treatments

I guess that this is the part that you will like the most, and the reason for that is simply because ulcers are relatively very easy to treat. Simple over-the-counter antibiotics can be taken to deal with the symptomatic features. But make sure you do this only after consulting with your doctor and confirming that what you actually suffer from is ulcer. This is of extreme importance in medicine because it is very possible for you to have all the symptoms of ulcer and in reality, be suffering from something else. Thus, make it a point of duty to always check with a doctor first before going ahead with self-medication.Also, as some experts will say, prevention is better than cure. Perhaps the best way to take care of these symptoms is not to have them in the first place. You can avoid symptoms of ulcer by preventing all the risk factors such as smoking and alcoholism.Reference links Medical Symptoms : How to Recognize the Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers

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