Symptoms of Period I 5 Little-Known Period Signs

What Is A Period

symptoms-of-periodYou will agree with me that before we talk about the symptoms of period, we have to talk about and understand what a period is first.A period is actually another name for a menstrual period, when it is shortened. A menstrual period is one of the most important physiological processes in a female’s body. A menstrual cycle is the term used to describe the different physiological changes that occur in women of reproductive age, and these changes are closely related to the reproductive functions. A typical menstrual cycle has an average of 28 days.However, this can slightly vary from person to person, for instance, it can vary and be as low as 24 days or even as high as 35 days. A period is unique to every woman and there are spectacular changes from person to person.

What Is the Importance of a Period

As stated above, the menstrual period is a most important parameter as far as a woman’s reproductive functions are concerned. By monitoring the menstrual cycle, one is able to have a detailed insight into her status of fertility and even effectiveness of contraceptive methods employed.It is also possible to assess the efficacy of a therapy (could be pharmacological or non-pharmacological) by observing the cycle. In another case, the pubertal developments of a lady can also be assessed. For instance, when the periods becomes irregular, heavier or discolored, these are all features that mean one thing or the other and may have to be investigated so as to get a full picture of the woman’s health status.

What Are the 5 Little-Known Symptoms of Period

Now, apart from the well-known symptom of bleeding, which is the discarded tissue of the lining of the endometrium that is being shed, what are the other symptoms of periods that are not as prominent as bleeding?It will surely interest you to know that there are surely other signs and symptoms that exist apart from bleeding. These are:
  • Retention of fluids in the body.
  • Abnormal craving for food.
  • Lack of concentration and focus.
  • Pressure in the pelvic region.
  • Aches, especially in the head and back.

Is There Anything You Can Do About Periods

Yes, there are things that you can actually do about these less prominent signs and symptoms of menstrual periods and you do not have to suffer in silence.The normal measure taken by many women is to take medications or therapies that assist them in suppressing these symptoms and making life a lot easier. The interesting thing is that there are times that all you need to do is to just take a rest and you feel better. However, there are times that you are not able to handle the symptoms on your own and you have to seek specialist medical attention. This is very important especially when you consider the fact that these symptoms can actually be manifestations of some other illnesses and diseases. It must be emphasized that self-medication is not the best way to address these symptoms of period.Reference Period Signs/Symptoms!!

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