Symptoms of Dyslexia Explained in Layman Terms I Top 5 Dyslexia Signs

What Is Dyslexia

You might have heard of millions of individuals across the planet who have symptoms of dyslexia. But what exactly is dyslexia and what does it mean to say that someone is dyslexic?Dyslexia is a special condition that has been defined as a condition in which there is difficulty in reading and understanding. Dyslexic people do not find it easy to read without stress and understand without any stress. Some who can read a bit understand in an imprecise manner.For patients with dyslexia, they may not be able to recognize phonemes, have issues processing mental tasks or even have some loss of memory.The main symptomatic features of dyslexia will be discussed in the following sections. It must also be said that there are three types of dyslexia and these are visual, attentional and auditory.

What Causes Dyslexia

The scientific community has come up with numerous explanations as to what the causes of dyslexia can be, and one of the most conventional theories have linked the disorders to defective genes. This conclusion was reached as it has been observed that dyslexia runs through families, thus pinning it to an underlying hereditary cause. What that implies is that if you also have dyslexia, there is a heightened chance or probability that your kids too will develop dyslexic symptoms.symptoms-of-dyslexiaIn a case where there are identical twins and one is dyslexic, there is every likelihood that the other will have it too. Knowing this assists parents to prepare for and handle the outcomes of symptoms of dyslexia.

What Are the Symptoms of Dyslexia

Even though these symptoms may not be easy for some parents to spot and identify, you can really get to notice them if you pay some attention. But first of all, realize the fact that there is a variation in the manifestation of these symptoms, and that explains why some symptoms are mild while others are severe.The following are the five main symptoms of dyslexia:
  • Verbal memory symptoms
Normally, verbal memory has to do with remembering and recalling verbal information in a relatively short period of time. For those with dyslexia, this is usually more of a challenge than a walk-over.
  • Phonological awareness symptoms
While growing up, phonological awareness is one of the most important parameters used. It gives a detailed analysis of the progress a child is making in relation to reading and spelling. A child with excellent phonological awareness will be able to easily differentiate changes in letters and their pronunciation, unlike children with dyslexia.
  • Decreased verbal processing speed
This is the third classical symptom and in dyslexic children, it takes a much longer time for them to identify and process verbal information like numerals and letters, which other normal kids are very familiar with. To illustrate, such kids find it problematic writing down words that they are not familiar with, when such words are being spelled out for them. The same goes with mobile phone numbers.
  • Shortened attention span
The child gets easily fed up, tired or irritated when learning.
  • Lack of interest in activities involving mental cognition.

What Can You Do If Your Kid Suffers from Symptoms of Dyslexia

As a parent, what do you do when you see your kid displaying any of these symptoms?First thing is that you should not panic because that will only hamper your thinking and affect.Although there is no definitive cure for dyslexia, there are various ways by which you can assist your child to live and function properly. Ensure there is adequate educational support given, in addition to utilizing all standard techniques and aids that assist in curtailing symptoms of dyslexia.Reference links Hidden Dyslexia SymptomsRelated links

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