How to Survive Thanksgiving with all of the FOOD

Thanksgiving is often a stressful time for many of us — “Should I have the turkey without the gravy?  Can I really stick to the veggies and not have some of the mashed potatoes made with real butter?”  It’s like we’re in a constant dilemma all day long. (by the way, I love real butter and that’s all I use…no margarine in my fridge!)We worry about how many calories are in each serving, or can we nibble on appetizers without going overboard, or can we really just take one serving of everything?  So little time, yet so much on our minds.In the past I wrote about How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Without the Guilt, which is a good read for those of you worrying about feeling guilty after eating a bit more than you normally do, and how to deal with the voices in your head telling you to eat the carrots when what you really want is the homemade stuffing. (You can read that article by clicking here).thanksgiving-healthy-eating-tipBut today I’m going to take it one step further.  You’re probably looking for some “tips” on how to best deal with Thanksgiving. And you’ve probably already heard them all somewhere: be sure to eat breakfast (great advice), don’t eat the appetizers (often tough to resist, and sometimes the appetizers are great!), drink only water and no wine (yeah, right!), don’t eat seconds (c’mon, who are we trying to kid…), wear tight fitting clothes so you don’t eat too much (really? how much fun is that?!), and just have one small serving of dessert (it’s Thanksgiving for goodness sakes!).While these all have good intentions behind them — and some decent advice — but the problem is there are too many “rules.”  Now this doesn’t mean throw all caution to the wind. You need to be realistic about how much you can really eat (and how terrible you’ll feel if you stuff yourself).So my one big piece of advice this Thanksgiving is this:  use common sense.Yeah, I know, not exactly rocket science….But think about it.You know you should have breakfast and not arrive at the Thanksgiving dinner table famished….you know you should get out for some exercise during the day (preferably in the morning before the big meal)…you know you shouldn’t pile your plate so high that it’s a mini-mountain…and you know that having 3 or more desserts is not the best route to keeping the pounds off.So listen to yourself, your inner voice, and your inner guidance, and do what you know is best.Enjoy the day, enjoy the time with family and friends, enjoy the food, and eat with real pleasure. Because that’s what Thanksgiving is all about, don’t you think? [toggle title="Cerise Arbour"]Simplied Thanksgiving Dinner: Roasted Turkey Homemade Turkey Gravy (had a tiny bit) Celery Almondine Stuffing (tiny bit with the gravy) Edamame with Mushrooms & Purple Onion Fresh Fruit Tray That’s it. Did not feel deprived. Good things there and some are better choices then years past. No pressure. Stopped eating when I started to feel full. But was very careful about what I put on my plate because I do suffer with the “Clean your Plate” syndrome.[/toggle]

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