Sobakawa Pillow: Sobakawa Cloud Pillow vs. Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow

An uncomfortable pillow can interrupt a good night’s sleep. Whether it is too hot, too flat, or too hard, these are all factors that can affect your sleep, leaving you tired the next morning. We’ve reviewed two highly popular pillows from the Sobakawa brand for you to see which Sobakawa Pillow is best for your ultimate comfort.

How does Sobakawa Cloud Pillow work

sobakawa-pillowThe Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is a unique micro-air bead pillow that can provide the perfect comfort and support. The pillow is modeled after traditional Asian buckwheat pillows. This pillow is filled with over 10 million air beads that will support your head and neck. The pillow’s shape is contoured into a crescent shape, so it will fit your head and neck more comfortably. The tiny beads in the pillow move with your motions, providing maximum comfort. According to the manufacturer, sleeping on this pillow is as comfortable as sleeping on “clouds”.Traditionally, buckwheat pillows stay cool throughout the night. The cloud pillow works by using the micro-air beads to mimic this, thus providing the same cooling effect that the buckwheat pillows did in the past. The design of this pillow allows airflow, so there is no longer a need to flip your pillow to find the colder side.

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow : Health Benefits & Advantages

One of the advantages of this pillow is its cooling effect. A cool pillow can curb individuals from waking up during the night due to overheating – therefore sleep is undisturbed. The crescent shaped pillow follows the contours of your neck and shoulders to provide extra support and comfort. Overtime, standard pillows can flatten and lose its shape. The microbeads in the Sobakawa cloud pillow will prevent this, so you can stop fluffing your pillow again and again. There are multiple uses for this pillow. You can use it while watching TV, while you are driving for lower back support, under your knees, or during yoga. For headaches and migraines, try putting the pillow into the freezer prior to using it for an extreme cooling effect.This Sobakawa pillow measures 12.6” x 18.5” x 3.15” and is filled with 10 million micro air beads.
One customer says this pillow definitely helped him sleep better. It supports his head/neck/shoulders so well, that he could feel his breathing improve the very first night he used it…
If you are looking for a more traditional pillow, you may want to try the Sobakawa Buckwheat pillow. The buckwheat pillow is therapeutic, which is what helped it gain popularity centuries ago. This pillow also provides a cooling effect with extra support.

How does Sobakawa Buckwheat pillow work

Original-Sobakawa-Buckwheat-Pillow-reviews-amazon-buyThis pillow is been proven to work for centuries. It is still the pillow of choice for quality sleep. The buckwheat pillow is able to keep cool despite the heat that is emitted from your face and neck. Traditionally in Asian culture, buckwheat pillows were also used to reduce symptoms of insomnia, headaches, anxiety, stress, and tension.

Sobakawa Buckwheat pillow: Health Benefits & Advantages

A major advantage of this pillow is its cooling effect caused by the buckwheat hulls that allow air to circulate inside the pillow. Cool pillows can reduce the amount of times you wake up throughout the night to flip your hot pillow to get the cool side. It can also help facilitate you to fall asleep faster. The pillow is also crescent-shaped; therefore it provides maximum support for your neck and shoulders. You can also use this pillow for multiple activities. For example yoga, while driving for extra back support, or even under your knees. Individuals who sleep on their side may find that their body gets extra support while putting a pillow in between the knees.

Sobakawa Buckwheat pillow: Material, Size and Other Important Info

This pillow is made with 100% premium buckwheat hills and the cover is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is machine washable and measures 20” x 15 “.Overtime, the buckwheat hulls may slowly degrade, thus flattening the pillow. Unlike conventional pillows that need to be thrown out, the buckwheat pillow can be refilled. This pillow is not suitable for those with buckwheat allergies. It also is important to note that some individuals may not like the smell of the buckwheat. It may take a while to get used to. The use of the buckwheat hulls can also cause the pillow to make a crunching noise during movement that may bother light sleepers.[alert-success]People who have tried this product claim the pillow helps a lot. You will get used to the noise, but after that you will love it…[/alert-success]Related news

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