What The Scale Is Really Saying

Have you ever stepped on a scale and whatever number comes up literally decides how your day is going to be?

Yeah, I thought so.


We’ve all done it.  You step on the scale and if the number has gone down, you believe it makes you happy and you determine that particular day is a “good day.”  But if the scale stays the same or goes up, you decide to be angry and call it a “bad day.”


A little stinking piece of metal that lies on the floor doing nothing but weighing whatever is put upon it, decides how your day is going to be?  Really?

Yet I did this all the time.  For years.  Yes, for years I let a stupid scale determine how I felt and how my day was going to be.  And when I think of the wasted time, mental energy, and frustration I spent on this thing.  The opportunities of my life that I missed, simply because I was in a bad mood.  All because of a piece of metal.

I’d walk around in a stupor all day because the scale displayed a certain number that I just didn’t want to see.

Yet it’s no surprise that my clients do this too.  This is what I hear all the time from my clients (and I bet you tell yourself this too):

“The scale makes me feel ________”  (insert feeling:  fat, ugly, worthless, helpless, inadequate, ashamed, etc).

Yet the scale doesn’t make you feel anything.

The scale is a piece of metal that sits on the floor.

That little piece of metal is just lying there, doing nothing but weighing whatever is set upon it.

It doesn’t have judgement, and it can’t make you feel a certain way.

Only you can make yourself feel a certain way.

When you stand on the scale, you feel a feeling about a number.  A number that you gave power to.  A number that you decided was good or bad.

So we allow the scale to make us happy.

But that’s not good.

Why?  Because…

If you believe the scale can make you happy ……then you believe it can make you sad.

And nothing, except you, has the power to make you feel something.

Don’t give the scale feelings because it doesn’t have them.

Stop giving the scale the power to make or break your day.

Stop allowing the scale to determine if you’re a good or bad person.

Stop allowing the scale to determine your worth.

The scale is a TOOL.  That’s it.

You can step on it and no matter what it says, feel good. YOU decide how you want to feel about it, not the scale.

It’s okay if the number on the scale goes down.  Just don’t make your happiness depend on it.

YOUR TURN:  How do you feel when you step on the scale?  Do you let it determine how you feel?

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