Are You On the Roller Coaster Ride of Eating?

As I get many questions from readers, I’ve decided to start answering some here on my blog.  Here’s one from this week

Q I feel like my day is a constant roller coaster ride of eating based on EMOTIONS, so I feel it’s hard for me to listen to my body like I so often hear we should do. A:  Let me tell you, I used to be first in line on the roller coaster ride!  I’ve had almost every emotion imaginable when it comes to food.It seemed my day would be a “good” day or “bad” day based upon what I ate.  Think about it, basing your day solely what you eat should not be how we live our lives.  But I did that.  Even within a day I would have these highs & lows around food — so I get that.Paul RozinA few months ago I had lunch with Dr. Paul Rozin, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania and renowned researcher who studies the psychological, cultural and biological factors that affect human food choice.We talked about how what and WHY we eat is determined by our biology, our culture and our individual experiences — it’s not just a matter of eating the right foods.  So many other strong forces affect our eating decisions.It takes looking deeper than just the food — because anyone who has struggled with his or her weight, just like I have, knows it’s not just about the food.  There is so much more to it and these forces are powerful, but knowing how to deal with them is key.This is why when I work with clients, we don’t just look at the scale.  We look at many other factors that affect one’s eating:  emotions, peer pressure, social stigma, family values, etc.  There are many factors that go into losing weight and keeping it off other than “counting calories or points.”

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