The REAL Reason Oprah Has Gained Weight – Again

Oprah’s Battle With Weight Gain – and her Missing Link for Permanent Weight Loss

It’s hitting the airwaves and news media like a tidal wave.  The news about Oprah and her constant struggle with her weight.Once a trim, healthy-for-her-body weight of 160 pounds, Oprah has now reached the dreaded 200 pound mark, a number she (nor many of us) does not want to see on the bathroom the latest issue of O Magazine (January 2009) Oprah opens up about why she feels she regained the weight, what she’s learned, and how she plans to change.  The article is candid, open, honest.  She puts it all out there.  There’s no excuses, whining, or blaming of anything, or anyone other than herself, for her actions (or lack thereof).  Kudos to Oprah for being real, being open, and taking responsibility for her body, her life, and how to go about moving forward.In her article, Oprah says:“My goal isn’t to be thin. My goal is for my body to be the weight it can hold—to be strong and healthy and fit, to be itself.”That’s an awesome goal.  And a goal we all should be reaching for.  But there’s something missing.  Something that Oprah is not getting.  The key — the missing link — that holds the answer.   The key to help ALL OF US reach our goals and solve our own weight challenges. But before I get to that, I need to address some other questions that are on everybody’s minds, and the ones Oprah tries to answer in her candid article:Why?  Why did Oprah REALLY put on the weight?  How did she let this happen?Really — Oprah, of all people.  I mean, this is a woman who has it all.  With all of the experts and medical doctors she is friends with and has on her show, she knows what to do – heck, we all know what to do, it’s not rocket science:  eat healthier, eat less and move more.But why didn’t she (and don’t we all) just do it?  I mean Oprah has it all:   money, fame, friends, and a hugely successful career (to put it mildly).Really.  What DOESN’T Oprah have?She is one of the lucky few who have access to (and the money to pay for) the top people in the health, wellness, nutrition and fitness fields.  She has access to personal tainers, chefs, expensive gyms (and probably a home-gym too, I’m sure).  She has all of the tools to make weight-loss and weight-management possible AND easy!I mean, really.  She doesn’t come home from a long day of work and have to worry about chopping, preparing and cooking dinner.So what is it? If one of the richest, most famous, and successful women in the world who has overcome the odds in many areas of her life — if SHE can’t lose weight AND keep it off, then how the heck can YOU?If Oprah keeps falling off the wagon, then how on earth are YOU going to stay on track??
Well, I’ve got the answer for you.  Oprah touches on it and talks about areas it touches in her article, but she’s missing the big point.  She talks about many reasons, all of them true.Oprah talks about her thyroid problem.  But says she has that under control and knows that is NOT the reason why she regained the weight, nor does she use it as an excuse.  (Hey, she’s lucky enough to be treated by the best doctors money can buy).She then talks about a list of reasons why:  she has a food addiction, she uses food for comfort, she is craving love, and she needs to put herself and her health on her to-do list as a priority.These issues are all true.  But there’s still a missing link.  And it’s NOT about only eating the right foods.It’s not about eating steamed broccoli and chicken the rest of her life.  It’s not about how much to eat, portion control, or how many calories, fat grams or carbs she eats.  It’s not about being too busy, stressed, and tired to cook or eat right.  It’s not about having enough willpower.It all boils down to ONE thing, and the one thing Oprah does not have or is really broken: her relationship with food.   THAT, my friends, is the foolproof formula Oprah (and all of us) are seeking.
It’s her broken relationship with food that…
  • is making everything else out of whack that she can’t get control of her weight
  • makes her put herself last, and the food first
  • made Oprah feel she didn’t want to photographed head-to-toe all last year for the cover of O Magazine
  • made her hit rock bottom — and not want to be onstage with Tina Turner and Cher (both older, but who looked better, felt better, and had more energy than she did)
  • got her on the wagon in the first place, then off it again
Only when she has a positive relationship with food — and only then — will she stop using food as a drug, stop using food for comfort, to soothe, or to ease stress.  Only then, will she stop craving love and stop reaching for food instead.  Only then, will she stop and ask herself if, and why, she’s really hungry.She needs to change her relationship with food.Do that, my friends, and you will you have found the foolproof formula for permanent weight loss and be truly happy, healthy, and be whole — right now, in 2009, and in every new year.And let me know YOUR thoughts…P.S.  Call me Oprah — or anyone who has gone off the wagon — I can help.  Really, I can.

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