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Rachel - Leukemia

Barbara is an active member of over 60 CarePages websites.

“I get up in the morning and check my CarePages,” she explains.  “And I check again before bed each night.  I want to make sure each family knows I’m listening.  It’s so helpful and comforting to know someone is listening.”

“Barbie” knows this because of her own experience with her daughter, Rachel.  Rachel was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 4.  Two and a half years later, she’s finished chemotherapy and is active in cheerleading, horseback riding, gymnastics and school.

When Rachel was diagnosed in August 2006, Barbie and her husband, Jim, were devastated.  With their family more than 1000 miles away, Barbie and Jim felt alone, scared and helpless.  When Barbie created her CarePages website she expected it to be a tool for her to stay in touch with her family in Florida.  What she found, though, was friendship, hope and courage to face the road ahead.

“Although this is a terrible diagnosis, I would say we’ve had the chance to meet some amazing families because of Rachel’s leukemia,” she explains.

Barbie has reached out to other parents of kids battling cancer to ask questions about how to comfort Rachel when she is hurting or scared, how to talk with her doctors, and what Rachel’s new bruises mean (typically, low platelets).  She’s also found prayers, therapy and support.

“Anytime, anything you put out there – you get something back,” Barbie says.

Rachel has just finished 2 and a half years of chemotherapy.  During that time, she’s undergone countless spinal taps and bone marrow tests.  Now they are in a “wait and see” period of frequent tests and scans to confirm the treatment worked.  The road ahead is uncertain and frightening.

“I’m more afraid now than I was when Rachel was diagnosed,” Barbie says.  “But, other CarePages parents are always reminding me to take things one day at a time.  To enjoy today.”

That is a gift Barbie hopes to pass along to the families she follows and supports on CarePages.com.

Join Barbie and other parents of kids fighting cancer on our discussion boards.  Ask questions, share experiences and get support.


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