Pregnancy Symptoms: Is a Missed Period Not Always a False Alarm?

Many women associate a missed period with pregnancy; however a missed period may just be your body having irregular periods due to other factors, such as stress. There also are other pregnancy symptoms that women may experience.Sometimes, women report feeling tired even after a good night’s rest. This feeling of fatigue can be an indicator of early pregnancy.In addition, spotting (irregular vaginal bleeding) may occur when the embryo is implanted in the walls of the uterus. This bleeding is usually lighter and doesn’t last as long as a menstrual period. Usually, the spotting occurs about a week to two weeks after conception.  Women who don’t have regulated menstrual cycles may not find this as an obvious symptom of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms Exposed

Women may also encounter morning sickness. Morning sickness is associated with nausea and vomiting and it can occur at any time of the day, not just in the morning. This symptom typically starts a month after conception, but may start earlier in some women.A number of women find that their nausea is associated with increased sensitivity to certain foods, odours, and smells. While women may be sensitive to the smells of certain foods, they may also find that they have increased cravings for certain foods.pregnancy-symptoms-missed-period-not-always-false-alarmAt early stages, one of the common pregnancy symptoms is women feeling the urge to urinate often. The urge to urinate often increases during the evening and she may leak out urine while sneezing, laughing, or coughing. The hormone, gonadotrophin, is produced during pregnancy and it is associated with increased urination.In the first trimester, women usually gain a bit of weight which can result in a feeling of bloating. The bloating is usually accompanied with a few pounds of weight gain per month and minor abdominal cramps.Women may also feel that their breasts are swollen and tender. This feeling of tenderness is similar to the symptom that occurs several days prior to one’s period. In addition, women may notice that their nipple (the areola) darkens during pregnancy.During early pregnancy, a portion of women report that they experience headaches. The headaches pregnant women experience may be due to hormonal changes.Pregnancy generally occurs over a nine month period. During this duration of time, women may recognize several changes in her body. The above pregnancy symptoms may not be noticeable in all pregnant women, and a pregnancy test is recommended for those who want to confirm if they are pregnant or not.Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms (Pregnancy Health Guru) 8 Signs Of Pregnancy and Symptoms of Pregnancy – Early Pregnancy Signs Symptoms REFERENCE linksPregnancy Symptoms: Is a Missed Period Not Always a False Alarm?RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement I RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement ReviewAnemia Causes: Things You Need to Know About Blood Loss and Other Symptoms

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