Overactive Bladder Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Overactive bladder syndrome is a condition that causes someone to have to urinate frequently throughout the day. It can be overwhelming and stressful due to the disruption the disorder causes during daily routines. The frequent trips to the bathroom often cause someone with overactive bladder syndrome to avoid activities they previously enjoyed.


There are basically four primary causes for someone to be diagnosed with overactive bladder syndrome. The first and most common cause is the muscles in the pelvic area have weakened. It is common for the muscles in your pelvic area to become weaker due to age. The second most common cause is the symptoms may be due to a urinary tract infection.overactive-bladder-syndrome-causesThe third most common cause is that for some people occasionally consuming spicy foods, caffeine and/or alcohol can irate the bladder and cause it to become overactive. The fourth most common cause is an obstruction of the bladder. This can be the result of a few different things such as an enlarged prostate or an infection. This condition is also sometimes developed as a complication of other diseases such as a stroke, Parkinson's disease or an injury that affects the nerves for controlling the bladder.


The symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome vary; however, the most common symptom is frequency of urination. The condition can cause someone to have to go to the bathroom several times throughout the day and will typically have to get up several times through the night to urinate.Yu may like: Bladder Cancer and Some of the CausesUrgency is another common symptom. The urgency to urinate can be very stressful because the person feels as though they are not going to make to the bathroom, which increases the urgency due to extreme nervousness. It is common to experience sudden leakage of urine with this disorder as well.Many people avoid activities or going outside of the home because they are fearful of an accident. Pain may be a symptom of the condition, if the overactive bladder is due to an infection.


Treatment for overactive bladder syndrome is typically accomplished through natural sources such as a change in lifestyle. Often times a change in the diet, avoiding alcohol and drinking water will help to alleviate the symptoms. Other treatments include bladder training, pelvic exercise and medications. Training the bladder is a common and easy technique to help with an overactive bladder.You may like: Types of Kidney Cancer TreatmentThe doctor may suggest that you wait for a minute two each time you have to go to the bathroom in order to strengthen the bladder. The length of time you wait will gradually be increased until you are able to hold your urine for an average length of time.Pelvic exercises, known as kegels, help strengthen the pelvic muscles and enable you to control urination. The exercises are very easy consisting of tightening and releasing the pelvic muscles. The exercises are done a few times each day and the number of repetitions is gradually increased.The first step in attempting treat the condition is to understand why it is occurring in the first place. Due to the number of possible reasons for an overactive bladder, it is recommended that you visit your family physician as soon as the symptoms begin.The doctor will be able to find the cause of your overactive bladder and to discuss with you what form of treatment would be the most beneficial for you and your symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome.

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