Primary Oral Herpes Symptoms are a Bundle of Blisters on a Red Base, Known as a Cold Sore

Oral herpes is known as herpes labialis. It is caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1). In some cases, it can also be caused by herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2). Oral herpes tends to affect the lips and sometimes inside of the mouth. In rare occasions, it may affect the nose or cheeks. However, facial herpes is quite uncommon. The primary oral herpes symptoms are a bundle of blisters on a red base, known as a cold sore. These blisters should not be confused with canker sores.oral-herpes-symptoms

Oral Herpes Symptoms Exposed

The blisters will rupture and then form an open sore. Before it heals, it will form a yellow membrane. The blisters tend to crust and dry up rather quickly, leaving behind a scab. The scab itself may last from days to weeks, depending on how significant the infection was.Herpes infections usually feel dry and are itchy. Some people feel a tingly burning sensation on the spot that proceeds where the blisters end up occurring. This is known as a “prodrome” and they can occur anywhere from a couple of hours to several days before the sores become noticeable.Primary oral herpes is the onset of symptoms that one gets when they are first infected by the herpes virus. It usually is characterized by painful sores on the mouth, lips, gums, and tongue.Oral Herpes Symptoms ExposedSome people also have other oral herpes symptoms such as a fever, swollen lymph nodes, bleeding gums, and sores around the mouth that may be painful. The symptoms last a few days and the sores will heal in a few weeks. Usually, scarring does not occur.The herpes virus can still be found in the body days after the sores heal, making transmission of the disease possible after symptoms have disappeared.Primary herpes doesn’t occur in all individuals. Some people have the virus but do not get any symptoms at all! The body is able to produce antibodies against the virus. After the initial introduction of herpes in the body, the immune system can quickly produce antibodies to fight off reoccurring herpes. This makes the later infections of herpes milder.People tend to only have several outbreaks of herpes over the year. Only a small percentage of people may have more than a few outbreaks. In general, those infected with HSV-2 have fewer outbreaks than those infected with HSV-1. Recurrences generally result in milder oral herpes symptoms and they usually only affect the edges of the lips and not inside the mouth, on the tongue, gums, or throat.

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