The Magic Answer to Your Weight Struggle is Closer Than You Think

It seems every time I turn on the TV, there’s news of some celebrity, personality or public figure and their battle of the bulge and war on losing weight and KEEPING it off.Many of us can relate.  Even Oprah.  Yes, Oprah
I wrote about Oprah’s weight gain (and losses) last year here in my blog.  Many people in the spotlight, like Oprah — and even past winners of the reality show The Biggest Loser — can’t seem to keep the weight off.  They lose, then gain, lose, and then gain again.  And it’s the same for many of us!
What the heck is going on?For one thing, we keep looking to external factors to determine what and how much to eat.  We’ve spent years listening to others to tell us what to eat, so we’ve been disconnected from our bodies.The Magic Answer to Your Weight Struggle is Closer Than You ThinkIf we listen to our bodies correctly, it tells us what to eat.  The problem is, we’ve been listening to the “diet gurus” and other people for so long that we no longer know what to eat or even trust ourselves around food.When I first lived in France, I was amazed how people just “knew” what to eat.  There wasn’t this constant talk about calories, portion size or fat grams.  They just knew.But how did they know?Well, for one thing, they listen to their INTERNAL cues.  They listen to their bodies and trust their bodies to tell them what to do.  They listen to their hunger and fullness cues, and to what their body is craving.So how to listen to our own internal cues?Be Mindful When EatingIn order to get back in touch with our internal hunger and fullness cues, it is important to be mindful when eating.  Using our senses when eating is a great way to get back in touch with our bodies.  With today’s hectic lifestyles, we’re too busy rushing around and eating food on the run.  So slow down a bit and start to become more mindful when eating.Don’t Restrict FoodsWhen people go on diets, they start eliminating certain foods or a food group — like carbs, for example.  Once you go off the diet it’s normal to over-indulge in foods high in carbs.  This is because the body has been missing the nutrients and craves them intensely.  It’s the same for any foods.  The more and longer a food is restricted, the more intense the craving.At first, one might feel out of control and that they cant be trusted around the food.  But over time the craving will subside and return to normal.So stop looking for the magic answer to your weight loss.  The answer is actually inside you — you just need to look inward and bring it out.
Want to learn how to listen to your body and eat intuitively, stop when satisfied, and eat only when hungry? Add your comment bellow!
My goal is to help you in your journey to get healthy, lose weight, and feel wonderful in your body!

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