How I lost 19.8 pounds in 50 days

All the theory in the world means nothing without being put into practice, which is why I’m glad to share a story of a man who got into great shape. He did this not with any fancy weight loss programs, but just following the basic principles as you will see.

Introducing Corres

Corres is was the average modern man, which is another reason I think this will be so inspiring. He wasn’t fat by any means, but he had gained those extra 30ish pounds in his early 30s. He was in pretty great shape during his 20s, but as he hit 35, he noticed that he barely lifted weights or played sports in the last 5 years and found himself a little bit overweight at 207.2 pounds at 5’10″.How I lost 19.8 pounds in 50 daysHe decided in April that he was going to lose the extra fat and get into good shape once again. He started by only changing his diet, with no training alongside with it. He has also documented a lot of his journey and answered questions on a forum thread. Most people start by knocking off a certain amount of calories off their daily intake and keeping track, but Corres went with a simpler method.He ate the same food as normal (*note that he didn’t eat fast food or drink alcohol to begin with), but simply halved his portions. Less food = less calories. He even drank the same amount of milk as before, about 1 liter a day.He ended up losing 12 pounds over the first 2 months! Which is awesome, but Corres decided to take his weight loss a bit more seriously after this and took it up a level with fitness training.

June 14th – Day 1 – 195.1 pounds

Corres kept his meal strategy the exact same, but he added in approximately 25 minutes of a circuit style workout and upped his milk intake to about 1.5 liters a day.
"The first step is always the hardest, but it’s the only way to reach the second step."Susan Gale
It was during this first 50 day period that Corres faced difficult challenges. During parts of this first period he said he sometimes felt tired, although he was never hungry.

August 3rd – Day 51 – 175.6 pounds

Yes you read that right, Corres lost 19.5 pounds in those first 50 days. At this time he was pretty happy with his weight and decided to slow it down. He did this by upping his portion sizes to 2/3rds of the original amount (up from 1/2 in the first 50 days).He did the exact same workout as he did before.While he didn’t lose much weight during this period, he measured his bodyfat and it went down from 15% to about 10%.

September 23rd – Day 101 – 173.7 pounds

Once again Corres bumped up his calorie intake by eating 3/4s of his original amounts. Note that at this point he is mainly maintaining his weight, even by eating a substantial amount less than when he started.The less you weigh, the lower your daily expenditure of energy will be, so you need less food.During this final period he actually gained a small amount of weight, but improved his composition some more, which was indicated by dropping another few percent in bodyfat. To fully appreciate his transformation, I strongly suggest you watch his youtube video below, which has weekly pictures of Corres.I'd like to share one more of his pictures, that he took very recently in December. As you can see, his progress hasn't stopped.[alert-success]Dale’s ThoughtsI think Corres' transformation speaks for itself and is very inspirational. He looks fitter, happier, and healthier, which I think is a great example of what you should be aiming for.I would like to point out, for those of you that have looked at his workout routine, is that doing that particular routine 7 days a week like he did is not necessary or optimal. He did this to stimulate some muscle and to burn calories, which is fine.The most important lesson you can take from Corres in my opinion is to keep it simple, and most importantly be consistent.[/alert-success] 

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