How I Lost 10 Pounds Without Even Trying

Yesterday I had my annual check-up with my doctor. As is the normal routine, the first thing the nurse does is check my height (though it hasn’t changed in 20 years!) and then had me step on the scale.Well, I had a surprise. But to be honest, the surprise didn’t "hit me" until I came home later that day took a look at the computer print-out with all of my results. Since my exam last year, I’ve lost 10 pounds.Now ten pounds may not seem a lot, but I don’t need to lose any weight at all. And I didn’t try to either.In fact, the last 12 years or so — thanks to developing and following my Eat Without Guilt principles, which include being a more mindful + intuitive eater — I’ve been at a very healthy weight. I no longer overeat, or binge, comfort eat, or the many other ways we define "overeating." I’m happy to say that these last 12 years have changed my life and my relationship with food has been great.How I Lost 10 Pounds Without Even TryingSo I didn’t need to lose weight for health or any other reasons — and I didn’t TRY to lose weight. Am I still at a healthy weight?  Yes.  Am I now underweight?  No, not at all, I’m right were I’m supposed to be.

So what happened?

Well, a few things. But first, let me start by saying this:  having a healthy relationship with food, becoming a more ‘intuitive eater and being able to eat without guilt is a process. It’s not like you get at a certain point and say “I’ve arrived!”Sure, when you follow the Eat Without Guilt principles you DO become a normal and intuitive eater. But like many things in life, you never stop learning and making progress. That’s the beauty of what I teach and do…[alert-success]one learns what works best for them and their body, and they know how to do that at every stage of their lives.[/alert-success]With the Eat Without Guilt process and principles — which are just that, guiding principles to experiment with and fit into your life in any way that works — you always know how to fine-tune your eating, energy and body.No two of my clients eat the exact same foods or in the exact same way. The principles help them discover what works for them and find that ‘magic’ where food and eating is just easy and everything clicks.As human beings we evolve. Our bodies change, our environment may change, we have children…whatever. But we are always evolving. And so does our relationship with food — and our relationship with our body and with ourselves.

How did I lose the 10 pounds?

The past year I’ve gotten in even better touch with my body. I’ve honed in even more what foods work for me, and which don’t.  Sometimes foods we’ve eaten for years, and which make us feel good, later in life can make us not feel so good.So I tuned in even more to what foods work for me, and which don’t. And this was done pretty much unconsciously. That’s the beauty of the Eat Without Guilt principles — you become so in tuned that your choices and actions don’t take effort. Everything the past ten years I’ve been eating healthy — healthy in the sense that about 90 percent of the foods that I eat give me energy and make me feel good. The other 10 percent are foods that give me joy — ice cream, cookies, potato gratin, french fries, etc.  And that hasn’t changed.  So this past year I have NOT been eating more healthy — instead, I’ve been eating more foods that work best in my body right now.By being in tune with my body, by having a healthy relationship with food, and having tools to re-discover that relationship, I’ve attained the inner wisdom of an intuitive eater. And this ‘intuition’ is just that — like a sixth sense. But I only got it by working through my relationship with food, and becoming more in touch with my body and what it needs.

Didn’t I notice before I went to the doctor that I had lost weight?

Well, yes and no. I don’t weight myself very often. Actually, quite rarely.  Personally, I like to go by how my clothes fit and how I FEEL than what a piece of metal says. So I hadn’t weighed myself in months.My clothes do fit better, but I haven’t had to buy any new clothes — my clothing size has stayed the same.What I can say is I’ve had even MORE energy than I had before. And I feel so much better. That’s been the biggest difference for me. But feeling better does not always equal weight loss (and weight loss doesn’t always mean feeling better!)It’s about knowing how to tune in…..and listen. And to tweak what you eat, when needed.  And when you’re an intuitive eater and eat without guilt, this is done without effort.

Here’s the IMPORTANT NOT-TO MISS part:

It’s not about losing ten pounds. It’s not about what the scale says. It is not about going down a pants size (and I didn’t).  It is about feeling better.Isn’t that what we all really want?I promise you if I had ‘made an effort’ or ‘tried’ to lose weight — I would have gotten more OUT of touch with my body.And I wouldn’t have eaten the potato chips, ice cream and other joy foods. Instead, I would have fretted about every morsel going into my mouth.  And I guarantee that the scale yesterday would have said 10 pounds heavier than the year before.And I wouldn’t feel as amazing as I feel today. The bottom line — When you develop a better relationship with food, and when you have the right tools and knowledge of how to find what works best for you, it’s a gift you have your entire life. And it’s something you subconsciously know how to shift. There’s no effort. It just flows.Best of all — you’ll always know what works for you. And you’ll be able to easily maintain a healthy weight and feel great. And if I do say so myself, it’s like magic. Ten pounds lighter or not!

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