“Joy of Cooking” Supersized Too!

Looks like it’s not only the fast food chains, restaurants, and packaged food producers who are supersizing and adding to the obesity crisis here in the U.S.  The “Joy of Cooking” cookbook is in on it too.joy-of-cooking-supersized-tooA new study presented at annual meeting of the Obesity Society showed that recipes from the “Joy of Cooking” cookbook your grandma (or great-grandma) made, were a lot smaller and had less fat and sugar than today’s version.  Yup, even the Joy of Cooking has been slowly supersizing too, it seems.The researchers of the study analyzed the servings sizes and calorie content of all seven editions of the cookbook, with the first one being in 1936 up to the most recent version of 1996.  They found that in 1936, the average number of calories per recipe was 2,124 and TODAY it’s 3,052.  In 1936, the average calories per serving was 268, and today it’s risen to 436.  Per serving that’s an increase of over 60%!So basically, if you cook and eat a recipe from today’s version of the cookbook, you’ll be consuming (on average) an extra 168 calories more than grandma did.  Though an extra 168 calories may not seem like a lot to you, consider this:  all it takes is an extra 100 extra calories a day to gain 10 pounds a year. That’s it!  (See how easily those extra calories can sneak up?).And this is not the first time the Joy of Cooking has supersized either.  Even the 1997 revision of the cookbook increased portion sizes, lowering the number of servings per recipe but keeping the amount of food the same.But if the Joy of Cooking has been (and is) slowly supersizing, that just means other cookbooks are doing it too.So are the cookbook companies at fault and to blame for keeping us fat — by increasing the number of calories, fat and sugar in their recipes?  Or are they just keeping up with the times?  Are you surprised to hear they have supersized?  Would you REALLY want a small sized cookie from 1936, or do you prefer the big, giant ones you find now in the store?I want to hear YOUR thoughts….??Please share your thoughts and comments – click on the link AT THE BEGINNING OF THE POST that says “Leave a Comment”.  I want to hear how you feel about all this!!

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