Is Tuberculosis Curable?

Is tuberculosis curable?

is-tuberculosis-curableI get a lot of questions on the topic, including, but not limited to…Is Tuberculosis Curable nowIs Tuberculosis Curable in childrenIs Tuberculosis Curable in IndiaLet me be straight. TB can easily be treated and cured. However, despite advancement in medical technology and treatment skills, the disease still lurks in the shadows of developed nations – America included.According to the World Health Organization, there were almost 14 million chronic cases of TB in 2007 alone. Out of all 1.8 million deaths were reported.

What on earth is TB?

Tuberculosis is a chronic cough with blood-stained sputum whose common symptoms include general weight loss, fever and night sweats. Doctors recommend that if you cough continuously for more than two weeks you should seek prompt medical support as tuberculosis could be on its way.Remember, TB just like it is the case with other diseases is easy to cure at its primary stages than during its latent stages.Researchers at Colorado state university are working on a vaccine that will hopefully curb the onslaught of tuberculosis.

How can you get Tuberculosis infected?

The most common mode of infection is through inhalation of the mycobacterium. This usually occurs when you inhale the air around someone with the tuberculosis after he/she coughs. This cough releases thousands of bacteria into the air which you are prone to inhale after breathing the air for a long period.The disease is mostly likely to affect you if you are living under the same roof with an infected individual.If left untreated, the disease can be very fatal even leading to death.

Diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis

TB is diagnosed by carrying out a chest x-ray picture or by carrying out a skin test. The doctor may also carry out a sputum checks; the presence of the organism indicates a strong presence of the disease. The physician will diagnose the disease according to the symptoms present according to the x-ray pictures or a positive bacteriological test.

Is Tuberculosis Curable?

There are three treatment alternatives used to control active TB: Isoniazid, Rifampin, Ethambutol and Pyrazinamide. Isoniazid is generally used as a preventive measure and is normally combined with other drugs. It’s recommended for people with sensitive skins.The duration of treatment is normally six to nine months post-diagnosis. Some cases of the bacteria are usually very resistant to treatment. This is because of incomplete treatment of the disease after the first infection. You should always ensure that you complete the doctor’s prescription after diagnosis. Treatment of the resistant Tuberculosis requires multiple uses of various drugs for longer periods.After treatment of the disease, you ought to go for a therapy session so that the doctor can observe you and help you to reduce the resistance of the disease to the treatment and therapy.

What risks come after infection of the disease?

The bacteria weaken the immune system. This increases the chances of contracting other disease such as HIV/AIDS (click here to check AIDS symptoms) and the common cold.

What can I do to prevent myself from getting exposed to the disease?

Taking anti-tuberculosis drugs reduces the chances of getting exposed to the disease. You should consult a physician on the question of preventive drugs. Hope I’ve answered your question on “Is tuberculosis curable?” satisfactorily.Reference links Tuberculosis – Natural Ayurvedic Home RemediesRelated links

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