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Is Rapid Weight Loss Possible ? - Mass Nutrition

Is Rapid Weight Loss Possible ?

Rapid weight loss sounds great.After all, we all want to lose weight fast, don’t we.Trouble is, most times it took a fairly long time to gain the weight. So why should we expect a miracle cure to come along and wipe pounds off overnight?Here are several tips to speed up your weight loss whilst keeping the process as safe as possible. As always, if you’re in any doubt you should check with your doctor.1. Eat little and oftenThis will stop you from getting hunger pangs and then eating too much when you do get round to eating.2. Don’t skip breakfastAs tempting as it is to skip breakfast, this does more harm than good. You’ve just had the longest time in the day without food. Don’t extend it further!3. ExerciseI know, exercise can be boring. But it will help boost your metabolism and that will burn off extra calories. Even if it’s only taking the stairs not the elevator and walking a few extra steps each day, it will still help.4. Avoid fast foodsNot just burgers and pizzas. But supermarket ready meals as well. Unless you’ve read the ingredients list like a hawk. There’s simply too much junk and sugar added to make these a sensible option.5. Avoid "low fat" foodsAgain, unless you’re extra careful about reading the label, these can be bad for you. Just because a food is low in fat doesn’t automatically mean it’s good for you. Pure sugar is low fat (0% to be exact) but that doesn’t mean it will help you lose weight. is-rapid-weight-loss-possible-2 6. Don’t give up if you hit a plateauMost diets hit a plateau every now and then. It’s your body’s way of telling you that it’s adjusted to what you’re doing. Ring the changes to get it back on track - if you’ve been doing low carbs, eat some carbs. If you’re following the GI diet, experiment with some faster or slower GI foods. Just add a bit of variety.7. Cut down on the caffeineFor a start, you won’t be as ratty. Cut down slowly - like any drug, caffeine has a withdrawal period.By following these ideas, you should be able to shed those extra pounds safely and reasonably rapidly.

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