Is Herpes Curable?

Is Herpes curable?

A lot of questions have been raised about genital herpes.We get some questions ourselves like…Is herpes curable in menIs herpes curable in womenIs herpes curable with antibioticsAnd so on…is-herpes-curableScientists define herpes as a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by the “herpes simplex virus”. This type of virus can lead to either type-1 infection (HSV-1) or the type 2 infection (HSV-2).Type 1 infection is mostly spread when someone, having cold sores, performs oral genital sex with an infected person. Type-2 mainly affects the mouth and just as type-1 is spread through oral sex with someone suffering from genital herpes.If you are suffering from genital herpes, you should not be too worried and feel like a social deviant. According to research carried out by CDC, approximately 776,000 USA citizens contract the disease each year. The research also shows that one out of six people from the age of 14 to 49 years have the HSV-2 infection.If you are an infected male, you would infect your female spouse easier than she would you. This is because women are more prone to the disease than men (something to do with their genetics).

What are some of the symptoms of its symptoms?

If you have contracted herpes, you may portray anything from mild to severe symptoms. This mainly depends with the extent of the underlying infection. In fact some of the symptoms can be so mild and even go unnoticed as they can be mistaken as just a normal skin infection.If you notice some blisters around the rectum region, mouth or genitalia- you should immediately consult a doctor. Some of these blisters leave painful sores and when they break they do not heal easily.I know of a friend during my days in college who contracted this infection and did not notice it. Much later, he started complaining of common flu. At times he’d buy medicine for fever, headaches and itching skin. What he didn’t know, for sure, is that he had a more serious underlying condition that required expert attention. A few weeks later the symptoms started including painful urination, swollen tender points around the groin and the lower part of the abdomen and tenderness in the genitals.That’s when it dawned on him that he had to visit the school clinic where he interestingly learnt that there is no medical cure for herpes.So is herpes curable? I’d say NO but it can be controlled. Prescriptions of antiviral drugs only reduce the strength of the disease. Daily intake of the antiviral drugs is used to reduce chances of transmitting the disease to your partner.You may also want to check out the YouTube video below, it looks like the guy talking claims herpes is curable. It looks quite interesting.

How can genital herpes be prevented?

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease; it can be prevented by correctly and consistently using condoms when having sex. This is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the disease but it is not 100% approved. The outbreaks can occur on the uncovered parts by the condom.The surest way to prevent genital Herpes is by abstaining from sex or having a long term monogamy relationship with one tested partner whom is testing negative from the disease.If you are suffering from Herpes, you should abstain from having sex with your partner when sores and other symptoms present themselves. Prevention is better than cure; always use a condom when having sex.Hope we’ve answered your question on “Is Herpes Curable?” to your satisfaction.Reference links: Genital Herpes is Curable!Related links

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