Is Gonorrhoea Curable?

Is gonorrhoea curable?

The last time I came across this question was in a certain online forum where a seemingly frustrated woman was looking for help from the community about her problem. Unfortunately, I noticed that most of the responses to her question were either half-baked or incorrect. So I decided to take a different approach altogether to help any other person with such a question in mind in a better and foremost – Gonorrhea is curable. But the cure mainly depends on several things. The disease is mainly transmitted through sexual fluids and interestingly it can still be transmitted even if the man does not ejaculate. With an estimated annual infection rate of close to 820000 people in the US alone (CDC report), it’s pretty obvious that the level of health safety information as pertains this disease is still not adequately shared in our society. If it were the case, then we could not be having this exponential rise in the number of day to day infections.OK. Now let me do what I’m best at – informing you on what is best for your well being.

Is Gonorrhea Curable?

According to MedlinePlus (a service of the National Institutes of Health), gonorrhea is most common in people aged between 15 and 35. The disease can be transmitted through kissing, sex and oral sex with an infected individual. Likewise, a pregnant woman can pass it to her baby during birth.If you’re a man, then you should know that gonorrhea can lead to penile pain. In case you choose to rest cosy and ignore the pain, the bacteria may dig deeper into the prostrate and testicles. As for women, the earliest signs of an infection are normally mild and may escape unnoticed. Later on, it can cause abnormal bleeding between periods and a general increase in bad smelling discharge from the vagina.

Gonorrhea Diagnosis

Your doctors will perform lab tests to determine the extent of the disease before prescribing the right antibiotics to fight it. That being said, it’s important to note that cases of drug resistance have been previously on the rise. In that regard, researchers are coming up with more unique methods to deal with it.If you take note of the disease at its earliest stages and seek the right treatment, then it’ll only take you up to seven days to recover. However, if it’s discovered when it’s a little too late, you may be forced to put up with a hectic treatment schedule until the disease is fully eliminated from your body system.In the period of treatment, you’ll be cautioned against engaging in unsafe sex. You’ll particularly be discouraged against having multiple sexual partners and advised to use a condom whenever having sex with a partner whose true sexual health you’re not aware of. Just as it is the case with other STDs, the one and only foolproof prevention strategy is abstinence. If you’re married, you’re encouraged to stick to a monogamous relationship and remain faithful to your partner.Hope I’ve answered your question on “Is gonorrhea curable?” to your satisfaction.Reference links Worries Grow About Treating Gonorrhea Related links

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