Is Chlamydia Curable?

Is Chlamydia curable?

I get lots of questions on the topic such as…Is Chlamydia Curable with antibioticsIs Chlamydia Curable in menAre there any Chlamydia vaccinesIs there any Chlamydia treatmentAnd so on…This article will reveal to you the naked answer.Chlamydia is treated using proper antibiotic course. But before we start talking about treatment, let’s first understand the symptoms in regards to this STD. They are slightly different in males and females and therefore are treated separately.

Chlamydia Symptoms in females

The foremost thing that’ll happen with women is that there will be a general increase in vaginal discharge. Also, there’ll be cervix and neck inflammation. It’s also quite common to experience pain during sex and while urinating. Infections often take place in the urinary canal and are more often than not as a result of unsafe sexual to CDC, a large number of female Chlamydia cases go unreported because most people do not have symptoms or do not seek testing early enough.

Chlamydia Symptoms in Men

Men will show swollen testicles, bloody discharge or penile muscle pain. Unlike in the female case, this happen within a short time and delayed treatment may lead to sterility. Further, eye problems may be experienced.

Is Chlamydia curable?

The good news with this question is that Chlamydia treatment is simple which is why it is important to seek out professional attention as minor symptoms start appearing. After this, the infection will usually be dealt with a combination of antibiotics. Some of these medicines are used by men and women while some are meant exclusively for pregnant women.It’s worth mentioning that even though this malady is curable, cases of re-occurence may happen if necessary follow up measures are not adhered to. Diagnosis the disease is imperative to addressing the root cause of the problem and you should not feel ashamed in consulting a professional.Normally about 95% of people with this disease will be cured if they follow their prescription to the letter. Two of the most commonly prescribed medicines for Chlamydia are azithromycin and doxycycline.Your doctor may suggest different medicines if you’re pregnant or if you have an allergy. Longer courses of medication may be necessary if the disease is found to be deeply entrenched in your body system.While under treatment, your doctor will most likely discourage you from engaging in any form of sexual encounter as this may affect your healing.

Are there any Chlamydia vaccines?

Research of Chlamydia genetics has proved quite essential towards discovery of a vaccine. Researchers in Southampton (UK) have made significant steps in studying the chlamydial genome which they believe could open way for better treatment of the disease.According to Professor Ian Clarke (University of Southampton) the journey towards the discovery of a lasting Chlamydia vaccine is about to be concluded – successfully.chlamydia-symptomsWell, while our beloved researchers ponder their next move, we can only hope that their efforts are going to bear fruits soon. In the meantime though, it’s all about timely treatment and prevention.Talking of prevention, the best way out is abstinence, followed by faithfulness to one healthy partner and use of protection whenever in doubt.A – Abstinence B – Be faithful C – Use a CondomNow if you hear your friend asking “Is Chlamydia curable?” I’m pretty sure you’ll be more than ready to answer him. Wont you?Reference links 5 Cures for Chlamydia You Should Know!Related links

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