The Irony of Being Bored Eating Paleo

"So, what do you eat on Paleo?"

"Mainly meat and vegetables, with some nuts and fruit’"

"Wow! Don’t you get bored eating like that?"This oh so common conversation is nothing new to you if you’ve tried Paleo in the past or still currently follow it.My response, and argument against this sort of assertion is that I’m far more likely to get bored eating what most people eat than from meals consisting of Paleo-friendly foods. There are two main reasons behind this:

1. Most People Regularly Eat the Same Foods

When I was a kid I would have the exact same thing for breakfast everyday, some sort of sugar-loaded cereal. Despite this, I never got bored of it.Boredom comes from doing things that are no longer enjoyable to you, but as long as you enjoy something you can gladly do it for a prolonged amount of time.I’ve been eating eggs for breakfast for the past 5 years and I can say with confidence that I’m still not bored.

2. Most Non-Paleo Foods are the Same

I know you’re the type of person who takes the time to look at the ingredients in the food they buy. Many people however, do not do this.If they looked at most of the food they eat and buy, they would see some surprising similarities:
  • Sugar in many forms (corn starch/syrup, sucrose, dextrose etc.)
  • Wheat products
  • Canola or peanut oil
Just about every product on the inner shelves of a grocery store has at least one of these, often more, and a significant amount of it.They don’t seem to see that their entire diet is based on the same three types of products, while Paleo is based on food groups with incredible diversity.

Achieving Diversity with Paleo

Just because you could in theory eat the same foods everyday doesn’t mean you have to. One of the things I have benefited from the most from switching to Paleo is learning how to cook better and experimenting with different combinations.Here are some awesome recipes that are Paleo-friendly, I encourage you to visit these sites to see hundreds of more recipes.

1. Damn Fine Chicken

Damn Fine ChickenFrom NomNom Paleo 

2. Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry

Teriyaki Beef Stir FryFrom PaleOMG 

3. Delmonico’s Ribeye Steak

Delmonicos Ribeye Steak From Everyday Paleo

4. Grain-Free Fudgy Brownies

Grain-Free Fudgy BrowniesFrom Primal PalateTo wrap things up, if you’re ever getting bored with a Paleo diet, you aren’t trying hard enough!

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