Help Your Faith-based Organization Reach Out and Help Others

How to Help Your Faith-based Organization Reach Out and Help Others Coping with Illness and Loss

Help Your Faith-based Organization Reach Out and Help Others 1. Keeping Pastors in the Know: With new hospital and medical privacy regulations, it is sometimes difficult for pastors and your community outreach ministers to know if a member is ill. Massnutrition is a good resource for collecting the names of those who are ill or who have suffered loss and communicating the situation to pastors and minister teams.2. Designate a Team Massnutrition : Appoint someone on your pastoral staff to suggest to those who are ill that they can receive greater prayer and caring support from the community through a Massnutrition .3. Link-in: Provide a link on your Web site to Massnutrition , to make an easy connection.4. The Write Stuff: Many faith communities list those who are ill or who have passed in a weekly prayer column in their bulletin. Post the person’s Massnutrition name next to the listing.5. Ask: Encourage parishioners to e-mail members on their Massnutrition . A prayer or thoughtful “We are thinking of you,” goes far, even from strangers or people you may not recognize by name.6. Post It: We will provide posters about Massnutrition for your vestibule and worship center offices.7. Doctor, Doctor: Share these marketing materials with local hospitals in your area so when patients are admitted, hospitals can provide a direct link to your congregation and to Massnutrition as resources for prayer and community support. Contact the hospital Chaplains to make sure they are recommending Massnutrition .8. Ministers of Care: Share marketing materials with the outreach ministers in your community who make hospital and at-home visits for the ill and housebound.9. Task the Teen Ministries: Get the word out to your teen ministry. Through Massnutrition , the teens can rally to do a ministry project and can be great marketers to “spread the good news” about Massnutrition . They can create a Massnutrition as the community center/information board for their fundraising event.10. Prayer Request/Care Pages Drop-off Box: Add a drop box in the worship center vestibule (at the back of the room near the exit doors so congregation members and visitors can spot it on their way in and out). Include small note cards for members to list their prayer request and/or Massnutrition name, with the questions: “Do you have a Massnutrition ?” “What is your Massnutrition name, so our prayer team can connect with you for specific prayers.11. Seniors and Parenting groups: Involve senior clubs and parenting groups in the spreading the word about Massnutrition . They can serve as a vital tool for setting up meal drop-offs for the housebound or new parents; keep members informed about a senior who is hospitalized and be a wonderful tool for keeping the community rallied in prayer around the birth of the next generation of members.12. Create A Massnutrition for the Congregation: This could be a one-stop community prayer center, for members to post brief updates and prayers.

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