Heads up on a new & upcoming program

makepeace2I’ve been busy putting together my upcoming “group” program, and have been getting LOTS of email asking about it, so wanted to let you know where it’s at and give you a bit of a sneak peak.

First, I’ve designed this Program after getting feedback from so many of you.  Here’s what you told me:

• You’re willing to do the work and ready to make the changes needed to lose weight AND have thinner peace.

• You want the personal support, but also the accountability and feedback that my Private clients experience. (Yet I know not everyone can afford my Private Coaching fees).

• You don’t need more info — you’ve read the books, taken some online classes, and maybe even attended a workshop.  But it’s left you still wondering what to do for YOUR body and how to fit it into your life.

• What you DO need is personal support, accountability, and personalized feedback from someone who been there and has overcome it, AND has the tools, expertise, and kick-butt coaching to get you where you want to be.

So I’ve created a program that is EXTREMELY affordable and gives you what you’ve been asking for.  Here’s what you’re REALLY gonna love

This upcoming program is NOT a traditional group program….it’s priced like a group program, but instead gives you personal 1:1 support from me (how great is that?!)

With this Program you’ll pay group rates, yet you get me all to yourself.  Much like you’d pay a dramatically reduced fee for hotel rates if using a group discount, but you don’t have to share your room.

So it’s priced like a group-program — yet no boring group meetings, no weigh-ins, no scheduled calls with 30-50 other people on the line with little (if any) personal attention.  No more being left to your own devices to figure it out and implement it alone.

Instead, you’ll have personal access AND one-on-one coaching from me to give you the support, accountability, and feedback to finally losing the weight and have a peaceful relationship with food.

And for a limited time, there will be a special early bird rate to make this affordable Program an even sweeter deal, making it EASY for you to step into a whole new you.

Because you’re a reader of this blog, you’ll have access to it early, and a 35% discount on the program if you sign up during the early bird period.

So if you’re ready to finally end your struggle with yor weight AND have been waiting for an affordable way to personally work with me, then you’ll love what I have in store for you in this upcoming program!


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