Garcinia Cambogia For Weight Loss: Will It REALLY Work?

OK, so does this supplement really work?  We are all hearing about the miracle pill Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss, but we’ve heard this before, right? There have been a lot of ‘miracle’ weight loss products, fat busting wonder pills that we’ve all tried and failed with. Is Garcinia Cambogia any different or just another scam?  Read on, we have carried out our own indepth research into garcina cambogia for weight loss to determine whether this product really works!

Garcinia Cambogia For Weight Loss – Why?

It is claimed that the pure garcina cambogia extract , known as HCA (hydroxycitric acid) is unique in a number of areas.  It’s history shows us that in its native countries, the fruit has been added to food to make it more filling.  For example, it has been found that in some villages in  Malaysia where the fruit is used to make a soup that is eaten before a meal when weight loss is required.  The soup has the effect of suppressing or blocking the appetite and less is eaten.garcinia-cambogia-for-weight-lossWith it’s history and the popularity of its use spreading to the West, much research has been undertaken to determine its properties and benefits which in turn has lead to a lot of noise recently surrounding the product.  Dr. Oz called it “the most exciting breakthrough in natural weight loss to date”

How Is Weight Loss Achieved?

Research shows there are 2 main unique reasons for weight loss to be achieved:1.  HCA increases serotonin levels in the body which in turn suppresses the appetite.  Serotonin is a chemical that effectively makes us feel good.  Low levels of serotonin can make you feel anxious even depressed about things and can often lead to an emotional need to eat.  Increasing the levels of serotonin in the body can have a very positive effect on an individuals mood leading to a reduced need to eat.  Studies have shown that along with the increased serotonin levels and a better sense of well being, many found that their sleep levels also improved with their night sleeps becoming less disturbed.2.  Citrate lyase is an enzyme in the body that converts sugars and carbohydrates into fats.  Garcina cambogia extract inhibits this enzyme and helps to stop the conversion of carbohydrates to fatty acids or cholesterol.  In short, the extract helps increase the rate that stored fats in the body and carbohydrates are burned to produce energy.  It is reported that there is a noticeable difference in energy levels by most users and a definite reduction in fat accumulation around certain areas of the body, for example, the waist, stomach and hip areas. The fat loss impact is greatly enhanced if an exercise routine is used whilst taking the supplement.  Swimming or walking or any light exercise is recommended as part of the usage, but not essential.So, we can now see that the 2 main benefits have knock on potential benefits that can be summarized as follows:
  •   Reduced Appetite
  •   Reduced fat
  •   Improved Moods
  •   Improved sleeping patterns
  •   Lower cholesterol
  •   Increased energy levels

What Do The Experts Say?

Garcinia cambogia was featured on “The Dr. Oz Show” Dr. Harry Preuss, M.D and clinical researcher was interviewed.  He had conducted studies into the effectiveness of many natural, herbal supplements that help to reduce fat and blood sugar levels.  He used a research methodology called double blind placebo testing where some patients are given a placebo and others are given the supplement – all believe they are taking the supplement.His findings confirmed that Garcinia Cambogia does increase serotonin levels in users bodies, appetite suppressed and ultimately, users achieved sustained weight loss.Also featured was Dr. Julie Chen, M.D. Integrative Medicine.  She talked about the fat-burning properties of the extract and confirmed that research studies confirmed that users “lose three times more weight than diet and exercise alone.”  She demonstrated with Dr. Oz exactly how the liver functions in turning sugar and carbohydrates to body fat and how taking the fruit extract, the liver turns it not to body fat but energy.On the show, Dr. Oz enthused about the extract and called it a “revolutionary fat buster” and told viewers that scientists are excited about it so therefore he was too!


From the research undertaken, the benefits of the product can be summarized as follows:
  • Scientific research has been conducted using the product to determine results and its safety
  • Garcinia cambogia is not just a weight loss supplement but has other health benefits too
  • Users can use the supplement by itself without dieting or exercise and still lose weight and body fat
  • Use the supplement with a diet and exercise plan and research shows that users can increase their weight loss by 2 to 3 times more
  • Studies have found no side affects to using the product


Through all the research I have yet to uncover any downside to using the fruit extract.  However – there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there selling on the internet.  It is important that you get the right product from a reputable supplier.


I have looked at a number of the products on the market and my research has confirmed what buyers should be looking for in the product, for example, the percentage amount of HCA in each capsule.  If you have made the decision to try garcinia cambogia, follow the link below where you will be taken to Molecular Research Labs who produce Pure Garcinia Cambogia which meets the research criteria for content.  The product is manufactured in United States under strict GMP guidelines and there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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