Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

There are many health complications associated with being overweight and obese. These health problems include heart diseases, diabetes and certain kinds of cancers. Being overweight during pregnancy has been shown to lead to both short and long term health complication to the unborn child. Everyone should therefore make losing weight his/her top priority. Many ways of weight loss are available but none has attracted more headlines than the use of pure garcinia cambogia extract. This is so because of the many controversies, propaganda and rumors surrounding the use of garcinia cambogia. This article discusses all about the extract.The extract is obtained from a fruit garcinia cambogia, which grows in Indonesia and some parts of Africa. The fruit is used to spice foods and as an appetite suppressant. In some Asian communities, it is taken before major meals to help in weight loss. Cambogia is rich in HCA ( hydroxycitric acid) which increases fat metabolism and boosts exercise performances.HOW THE EXTRACT WORKSThere are five main reasons why most doctors call it the holy grail of losing weight.First, the extract helps an individual to manage and balance the level of Cortisol, a hormone that results from stress generated from the body. Secondly, the extract acts as an appetite suppressant, helping you to control the amount of food you take. Thirdly, it also acts as a fat blocker which prevents fat cells from forming within the body. [img_products img_code="81vT3XZC9qL" alt="Garcinia-Cambogia-Extract-Premium-1600mg" star_class="star-4" code="B00EZWPSQA" reviews="316+"] Fourthly, the extract helps in burning belly fat. Most people trying to lose weight usually struggle getting rid of belly fat. Lastly, using this extract leads to increase in lean muscle and a decrease in fat levels.SIDE EFFECTSThis extract has been rumored to have some side effects. However, pure garcinia cambogia extracxt has no side effects. Those products responsible for the said side effects have fillers, additives and GMO ingredients added to the extract. Furthermore, no cases of bad side effects have been recorded in the communities that have been using this extract for ages.RECOMMENDED DOSAGEIt is important to follow the directions specified in the package. It is also advised to take it on an empty stomach; at least an hour before a major meal.You should consider the use of this extract as a way of losing weight. It is better than spending those endless hours in the gym or using alternative pills that have been found to have adverse side effects.

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