Our Foods Lack Proper Nutrition

I remember when doctors refused to recommend vitamin and mineral supplements for their patients. I’m not sure what the reason for this was, but I do know that the majority of our food supply is, and has been, devoid of adequate amounts of vital nutrients for decades. While it is true that most processed foods have chemical additives in them that are supposed to make up for all those deficiencies, these substitutes are not keeping up with the nutritional needs of the average individual.To top it all off, one has to understand that the volume of fast food consumed every day in our country is even more deficient in nutrients. Along with that, it is often irradiated which destroys even more of its nutritional value. Have you ever bought a Big Mac and left it in its package for a week after removing any vegetables on it? It might surprise you to know that the meat and bun will likely have the same appearance as it did when it was purchased.Spices and herbs nutritionThe lack of nutritional value in the food supply should have everyone wondering what is going on. Just think about it, chemicals are used to increase the productivity of vegetables that are grown on large commercial farms. Those chemicals become part of fruits and vegetables as do all the chemicals and hormones used to create bigger, more cost-effective animals used to feed us every day.Those chemicals are not something that the body was made to digest and they cause our bodies to become toxic which leads to disease. Add to that most foods lack adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals and the causes of so many disorders like diabetes and heart disease becomes clear. It also makes it clear that it is time that we all found natural methods of getting and staying healthy.The last time I checked, doctors have started recommending supplements to their patients as well as recommending healthy diets to help prevent and cure diseases.

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