The First Step to A Successful Weight Loss Resolution

As New Year approaches, one thing is on everybody’s mind:  Resolutions.  And losing weight always seems to be at the top of the list. And that’s okay. It’s always good to want to improve.Isn’t that what resolutions are all about?  Improving your life in some way that makes it better, happier and more satisfying?  No matter who you are, what you do, where you live, and what you believe, we’re all constantly evolving.  Evolving into our own selves and creating a life of fulfillment.the-first-step-successful-resolutionBut all too often, by February or March, many people have given up and gone back to their old ways.  Soon, any weight they lost comes right back.  The result is feelings of guilt and incompetence as they conclude they are simply not disciplined enough or don’t have the willpower to follow through.But it doesn’t take discipline or willpower.  Improving your life doesn’t have to be difficult.So what’s going on?  Why can’t many people lose weight and keep it off in the long run?A main reason is due to one’s mindset.  Losing weight is more than just knowing “what to eat.”    We know more today than ever about what we should be eating for a healthy diet.  So it’s not about lack of information.  We KNOW we should be eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  But we just don’t do it.Instead, we keep looking for that magic answer.  The one that will solve our weight concerns and make them go away.  All the endless diet plans, so-called super foods, diets pills, meal-replacement drinks, and other weight-loss tricks don’t work.  There are more diets out there than ever before — but we keep gaining weight.These approaches are simply attempts to deal with the effect, without changing the cause.To be successful you must change the cause.  The cause that needs dealing with is not overeating, it’s a bit below that.  You need to ask yourself — what causes you to overeat or not take better care of yourself?Once you understand the cause, then you can deal with the weight.With this approach you need to change your mindset.  If you only diet because you want to stop being overweight, lose weight, and deny yourself food you really want to eat, you are trying to create deprivation, guilt, and unhappiness.How often and for how long will you continue to do something that causes you to be unhappy?Instead, decide to start being MORE healthy, BEGIN to create better physical activity with your body, and ALLOW yourself the pleasure of feeling lighter, healthier and happier than ever before — and you will succeed.

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