Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms: Absent Period and Irregular Menstrual Bleeding…

Ectopic pregnancy is a medical term that describes fertilized eggs that are implanted outside of the uterus. Most commonly, the fertilized egg is implanted in a fallopian tube. Sometimes, the egg may plant itself in the ovary, and very rarely, the egg may be implanted in the cervical canal, abdominal or pelvic cavities. Typically, the egg doesn’t grow to a normal embryo, and it cannot be moved into the uterus, which is where fertilized eggs develop in normal pregnancies.The biggest ectopic pregnancy symptoms that concerns people is a rupture, which can lead to internal bleeding.Ectopic pregnancies can occur in all sexually active women, whether or not they have used contraceptive or not.

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms Exposed

Some signs of ectopic pregnancy include an absent period and irregular menstrual bleeding, known as spotting. As the embryo grows, the blood comes from the fimbrial opening of the Fallopian tube or from ruptures in the tube. Sometimes, bleeding can be so minor that it cannot be observed by the pregnant woman. However, some women with ectopic pregnancies may still continue to have menstrual periods. This makes it difficult for women to find out if they are pregnant or not.ectopic-pregnancy-symptomsThe most common ectopic pregnancy symptoms that women experience are abdominal pain, not getting a period, and unexpected vaginal bleeding. The abdominal pain that one can experience can be located throughout the abdominal area, or localized on specific spot. 25% of women may also feel pain in the shoulder, due to diaphragmatic irritation from the blood located in the abdomen.Severe bleeding can be painful and cause the abdomen region to feel bloated. In some cases, the woman’s blood pressure drops so much due to blood loss, that she can experience symptoms of shock, such as sweating, faintness, weakness, and paleness. Some less severe symptoms include dizziness, fainting, normal pregnancy symptoms, and the urge to pass stools.The growing embryo can damage and rupture tissues in the reproductive region. This causes pain and internal bleeding. Before a rupture takes place, the women may feel soreness or pain in the abdominal region. During rupture, the pain intensifies.Ectopic pregnancy usually ruptures the fallopian tubes 6 to 8 weeks after the last period.If you are experiencing ectopic pregnancy symptoms, it is important to see your physician right away. Doctors can do blood test, ultrasounds, and pelvic examinations to check for ectopic pregnancies. When ectopic pregnancies are found, the fetus is usually removed.Ectopic Pregnancy signs & symptomsREFERENCE LINKS: Relevant links

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