Eating oranges everyday can help to prevent liver diseases

Patients of Hepatitis should pay extra attention of eating ‘high-protein but low-fat’ diet. Actually, they should eat more soy products, eggs, fishes, and drinking milks. These are all high protein foods and they are recommended to eat more high protein foods. Moreover, they should eat more leafy vegetables and keep their weight in a suitable level so as to prevent to the existence of fatty liver cause by obesity. Patients of Hepatitis should try to avoid taking a high amount of sugar because our bodies’ metabolisms mainly rely on the liver. If still take a large amount of sugar though we have liver diseases, it greatly increases the load of our liver and it may cause diabetes. If we have Hepatitis, we should avoid taking alcohol-contained drinks and foods. That’s very important. We should also prevent taking medicines that cause damages to the liver including some popular medicines that usually clue some usualdiseases such as fever. It is good for them to take Chinese herbal medicine.Eating oranges daily can help us to stay away from HepatitisJapan Institute of Pomology and the National Longevity Medical Center released the result of a joint survey and it shows that eating 3-4 oranges daily can greatly help us to prevent having Hepatitis.The conclusions of the research show that the higher the concentration of the type of carotene that exists in the oranges in the blood, the lower the risk of having atherosclerosis. In addiction, vegetables that are in green or yellow in color also have the same type of carotene. That isβ-carotene also has the same effect on our bodies.The researchers of the Fruit research Institute suggested that, we should take 3-4 oranges daily so that it can have the best effectiveness of prevent us to get Hepatitis. The researchers still want to further clarify the relationships between eating oranges and preventing Hepatitis.

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