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Eating bananas after having barbecues can helps to protect our stomach and intestines - Mass Nutrition

Eating bananas after having barbecues can helps to protect our stomach and intestines

Many people only concern about the nutrients of the food but they do not know the importance of taking some measures that helps with our health.Actually, if we can be careful enough, a tiny act after having a meal can greatly improve your health condition.Eating bananas after having barbecues is a good measure to protect our health. The food that we usually eat during having barbecues usually contains many carcinogenic substances such as Benzopyrene and the quantity is not low. So what can we do? Dr. Ruili Li from the food and nutrients department of the Academy of the Military and Medical Sciences say that, a recent research states that eating bananas can help to limit of effect brought by Benzopyrene in a certain extent so as to protect our stomach and intestines.If you always eat oily food, try to drink some celery juice, which is good for your health. Dr. Ruili Li said that if we eat too much oily food, it is good for us to drink some celery juice which has high cellulose contact. As the cellulose of the celery juice can help to remove part of the fats.Some people like to have a yogurt drink after eating hotpot and that is good for our health. As you know, the soap of the hotpot is usually high in temperature and the ingredients always taste salty and spicy, these all can cause a great irritation to our stomach and intestines. Having a yogurt drink after eating hotpot can help to protect the mucosal of the stomach and intestines. Moreover, yogurt drink contains Lactic acid bacteria which can help to limit the growth of some bad bacteria.Drinking Barley water or orange peel can help to solve the problem of indigestion. allantoin in Barley water and the volatile oil in the orange peel can increase gastric secretion, and positively help with gastrointestinal motility, digestion.Eating fruits after having a instant noodles meal is good for us, such as apples, strawberries, oranges. These can help to compensate the lack of Vitamin and Minerals. Moreover, we advice you to cook the instant noodles as they will be softer so that the intestines can absorb water from the good better and help with the digestion.

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