Dash Diet

The Dash Diet is a great option for people trying to lose weight especially those suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension. The Dash Diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This diet works to keep those who are overweight from suffering from hypertension. Overweight people are more susceptible to health issues like high blood pressure. Following the Dash Diet is simple and will help you reach your ideal weight.dash diet You may like:  The Dash Diet focuses a lot on lowering the amount of sodium in the diet. Most people have a diet of more than 2000 mg of sodium a day. The Dash Diet will help you get down to 1500 mg of sodium or less a day causing you to lose weight and get healthier. Salt holds extra water weight and can raise your blood pressure. You will learn to choose foods low in salt that still have a great taste. Throughout this diet, you will find yourself eating less red meat and more fresh healthy foods. You will incorporate a lot of vegetables, fruits, and grains.The Dash Diet helps to change your diet and show you how to eat well-balanced meals. Balanced meals meaning getting all the necessary nutrients. Following the recommended servings is key to the diet's success. Your daily diet should consist of 7-8 servings of grains, 4-5 servings of vegetables, 4-5 servings of fruit, 2-3 servings of low-fat dairy, 1-2 servings of meat, poultry or fish, 4-5 servings of nuts, seed, and dry beans, 2-3 servings of fat and oil. Throughout the week you should also have less than 5 servings of sweets. Try to have fruit and vegetable with every single meal as well as for snacks since they are made up of a lot of water and nutrients. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the best options and try to buy organic ingredients when you can.When following the Dash Diet aside from choosing healthy meals you must also choose healthy snacks. Think low Salt or salt-free snacks. Instead of having potato chips have salt free pretzels or salt and butter-free popcorn. Instead of chocolate have a few bites of dark chocolate which is healthier. Filling up on vegetables and fruits are a great way to satisfy hunger which taking in only a few calories. Other great snacks to have while on the Dash Diet are yogurt and salt-free nuts and seeds.For best results work in some exercise throughout your day. At least 15 minutes of moderate exercise is suggested although you should try to get in at least 40 minutes of exercise a day. Start out with some walking and maybe advance to running overtime. The Dash Diet will help you lose weight but exercising will help you maintain it. Be sure to drink at last 64 ounces of water a day to keep your body hydrated. 8 cups of water will also help you lose water weight which could result in as much as 5 pounds or more of weight loss. The Dash Diet is good for anyone trying to reduce their risk of hypertension and lose weight.

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