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Dieting​ ​-​ ​the​ ​truths​ ​and​ ​the​ ​myths

Most of us have been there – stepping on the scale only for it to go quite a few numbers higher than we would like. But hey, we’re all only human. Maybe it was a stressful period, maybe you were too busy to pay any significant attention to nutrition and physical activity, but everyone makes […]

Is Phentermine a Good Weight Loss Product?

In order to to get the best results from a weight loss product dieting plays an important role and this is especially important when you are using Phentermine in order to lose weight.  So to achieve the expected results from Phentermine you need to stick to the diet plan which has been prescribed by your […]

Is Rapid Weight Loss Possible ?

Rapid weight loss sounds great. After all, we all want to lose weight fast, don’t we. Trouble is, most times it took a fairly long time to gain the weight. So why should we expect a miracle cure to come along and wipe pounds off overnight? Here are several tips to speed up your weight […]

The Secrets of Setting Effective Goals For Weight Loss

Defining a Goal There are many different aspects of a goal, but the two key elements are goal content, and goal intensity. I’m going to break down these two elements piece by piece with the relevant studies that have been done. At the end we’ll look at how this research should affect your goal-setting.

The Definitive Guide to Paleo

This guide is something that probably should have been created a long time ago. There is so much ambiguity and confusion about the Paleolithic (Paleo) diet, that it leads to wasted time and energy arguing and inappropriately being dismissed altogether.

Fast Weight Loss Tips To Do Away With Those Fats Effectively

Have you been busy lately in preparing all those sumptuous food that not even one family member of your can’t resist? Well, with eating all of those high cholesterol food you have prepared you are definitely soaking yourself with more and more acid as well as more and more fats. Do you think eating that […]

The fastest six pack abs tips that you can get for less frustrations

Are you sick and tired of all those workout suggestions that never did work on your part? Then you might as well be interested in obtaining the fastest six pack abs techniques you can get to tone those muscles, right? Well, to get those abdominal muscles bulging as soon as possible, it would take a […]

How to Lose Weight Fast with Acai Berry

Acai Berry has been recognized as the most sought after super-food, with millions of people ready to testify its effectiveness.  This miracle fruit from the Amazonian jungle has been associated with famous celebrities and the big names in the sporting arena, all proclaiming the efficiency of this natural remedy as the super-food with powerful curative […]

Hoodia Gordonii – Great for Weight Loss

Have you ever heard of Hoodia herbal? It is a cactus plant that grows in South Africa. It has a large flower that has a bad smell. The stem is very spiny and the plant only grows to be about two and a half feet tall. There are many Hoodia herbal herbs that grow in […]