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Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Tea is one of those hot beverages that is consumed the most in the world, next to coffee. Green tea, that is known and consumed in regards to its vast health benefits, is made from the un-oxidized tea leaves. It is the least processed form of tea and it contains the least amount of oxidants. […]

Omega For A Healthy Heart – Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

Omega For A Healthy Heart, In this article, we discuss many points: Best way to prevent the occurrence of heart disease is to increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet Study of the American Journal of Heart Disease and clinical trials showed that the participants were given a placebo Omega 3 fatty […]

29 Benefits of Drinking Water

Weight 1. Water helps you lower calories When you look at the taste:calorie ratio of drinks, nothing really comes close to water, which has 0 calories. When you start adding up your non-water drinks, you’ll most likely see that simply replacing them with water will cause rapid weight loss. Foods high in water content (like […]

The Four Suitable Fruits To Eat In Autumn

Central idea: If I want to eat fruits in autumn, which one is suitable? As we all know that there are many fruits that we can choose from in autumn but many people just don’t know which fruit can keep us healthy and which fruit can provide us most nutritional value. So I am here […]

Healthy Eating Tips To Improve Your Overall Well-being

A lot of us are more inclined with what we can do to make sure that what we eat, would be healthy enough to keep us going with our everyday activities. You’re probably thinking that too much food may cause further health problems. Actually we need nutrients, vitamins and minerals, to maintain our body’s strength […]

10 Taboos of Eating That Must Be Done To Prevent having Cancer

Unhealthy eating style is one of the causes of cancers. According to the experts, there are many factors of causing cancers. And 80% cases of cancers are all caused by unhealthy lifestyle. In those 80%, dietary factors take about 35%, smoking takes about 30%. The effectiveness of these two factors is far greater than the […]

Mustn’t eat foods for the kids younger than 10 year olds

For the parents, the biggest wish is that their own babies can have a healthy life and grow up. Many experts who are dedicated to kid researches told us that, before kid reach 10 years ago, it is the golden time for their brain to have the best development. So that parents and teachers of […]

Several Vegetables That Can Help You Lose Weight In Summer

1. Garlic is the compound of Sulfur compounds and it can reduce the cholesterol level in our blood and prevent the formation of thrombosis. And it can also help to increase the quantity of High-density lipoprotein. 2.Chives not only contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and protein,vitamin A, C, it also contains carotene and a lot […]

Food That Can Help Us To Avoid Sunburnt

Many ladies are afraid of dark color of their skin if they were white. Actually, other than doing some external protective measures, they can also have the similar effects by eating some foods as some foods contain the substances that can prevent you from sunburnt. We advice you to eat more the following food in […]

Who Should Drink More Milk?

1.Those who work in front of the computer. Scientists found that when people are working in front of the computer, there is a great loss in Vitamin A and Vitamin B in our bodies so as to lower our vision. It also causes the lack of calcium which is a type of minerals, and under […]