BSN Hyper FX Review I How to Reduce Muscle Fatigue

You’re working out, doing cardio, weight training, something to get your body in shape, and then it happens: you crash. You’re REALLY tired. But you didn’t finish your workout, and need to if you want to build muscle. Why did this happen and how can you avoid it? Sometimes it really seems impossible for our bodies to do this by itself, so we might need something to help us get through a work-out. A pre-workout supplement might be the answer. Today I’m going to be reviewing one of the better respected pre-workout supplements called BSN Hyper FX.

What BSN Hyper FX is All About and Why You Should Care

BSN Hyper FX is a concentrated pre-workout supplement. How do these supplements work? Well, most pre-workout supplements work by helping you get through your workout by producing muscle energy, but BSN Hyper FX does something slightly different in a pioneering way.bsn hyper fx reviewBSN Hyper FX helps you make it through your work-out by reducing the muscle fatigue that comes with exercise, and by delaying the muscle fatigue that you do feel.  How this is exactly done is described in depth below.

BSN Hyper FX Ingredients

Most of the ingredients in BSN Hyper FX are specifically designed to help you last through your entire work-out. The most important of these ingredients include:
  • Ingredients designed to increase endurance during performance, including: betaine, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, malic acid, and adenosine 5’ triphosphate disodium.
  • Taurine: This is an especially key ingredient which reduces muscle fatigue during exercise.
  • Alanine and Glutamine: When you exercise, you build acids, as well as other biological chemicals, in your body, which can cause a change in amino acid concentrations. Amino acids, which are critical in muscle production, can decrease in concentration due to these changes. When this happens, these amino acids can act as the limiting reagent—meaning there is not enough of it—in protein production.
If you can’t produce proteins because you don’t have enough amino acids, you can’t build muscle. Alanine and Glutamine are two such amino acids affected by exercising, so BSN Hyper FX contains these ingredients to help replenish these amino acid concentrations.
  • Caffeine: I included this in the list for a specific reason. BSN Hyper FX tells you exactly how much caffeine is in its product, which is extremely atypical for products of this nature. This just goes to show that the makers of this product are trustworthy and not trying to hide anything from the customers, and really makes you wonder how much caffeine is found in other products if their makers aren’t even willing to share that information.

What’s New in BSN Hyper FX that You Cannot Find in Other Products

What’s new about BSN Hyper FX is how it approaches your problem and solves it. It focuses more on alleviate fatigue and delaying it, rather than providing your body with ingredients which produces energy from outside your body. The problem with that method is, by producing extra energy, often times your body can be “shocked” because it requires very powerful stimulants to create this energy. The most common ingredient used in these types of products is creatine, and it does exactly that: produce that sort of “false” energy. Unsurprisingly, BSN Hyper FX lacks creatine entirely because it does not use this method to help you get through your work-outs, and thus does not shock your body.bsn hyper fxAn added benefit of this unique formula is that it significantly reduces the price of the product compared to other peer products on the market.

Does BSN Hyper FX Work?

People describe it as giving, “that extra kick” they need to finish their workout, or complete a gym session. It really pushes you and helps you to not give up part way through your workout. Plus, by avoiding some of the adverse effects associated with creatine, it lets your natural energy last longer rather than creating artificial energy. As one reviewer put it:
A customer who has tried the product claims the effects last a long time for a long workout. The caffeine is 270mg but feels better than that. It contains no Geranium or creatine. In short, it is a good product and it tastes better than N.O-Explode…
You can find more reviews about this product at Amazon.

What You May Not Like About BSN Hyper FX

  • It has minimal amounts of sucralose in it, which is a variant of sugar basically. This is used to help give this supplement its taste—which is much better than other supplements according to most reviews—and is found in most pre-workout supplements, but some people may not like this.
  • It is so good at giving energy that it may last after the workout, depending on the length and intensity of the workout, so if you don’t want to feel very energized after your workout you could solve this problem by taking slightly less quantities at a time.
  • Some people complain that this product doesn’t work as well for them as it does for others, so just be aware it might work very well for some and only adequately for you. It depends on each person’s body.

Where to Buy BSN Hyper FX From

Because of dependable service and consistent shipping, Amazon is probably the best place to buy this product from. Currently this product is selling on Amazon.So, if you’re serious about getting through your work-outs without feeling like you have to give up, or without slacking off at the end and not getting the fullest work-out you could because you’re too tired, then BSN Hyper FX seems like a very smart purchase for you. It has the benefits of helping you last through the work-out and helping reduce muscle fatigue.Related linksBest Testosterone Booster: Tongkat Ali vs. Tribulus TerrestrisBSN Hyper FX Review I Does BSN Hyper FX Work?

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