Bouchard S Nodes: What are They and Why Should You Care

What are Bouchard s nodes?

Sometimes you may find yourself developing deformities on the fingers or the toes and you have no idea of the causes. This is not an uncommon case as many people in the world have been diagnosed with the same condition.

Bouchard S Nodes Exposed

Bouchard’s nodes are hard and bony outgrowths on the middle finger or toes. The bony outgrowth represents a sign of either Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. The osteoarthritis is commonly seen to occur than the Rheumatoid arthritis.arthritis-in-hands-symptomsIn the early stages of the growth of the nodes, the nodes can be invaluable when trying to diagnoses the presence of Osteoarthritis. A doctor can identify the nodes simply by just observing them but you ought to be diagnosed using x-rays or using blood test to be 100% sure.After you have been diagnosed, they doctor may decide to perform more test on you so that he/she can determine the extent to which the condition has developed.

What are the causes of Bouchard S Nodes?

The causes of the nodes have not yet been fully understood but several theories have tried to explain its origin. In most cases, it has been identified that the nodes are hereditary. If you relatives developed the nodes in the past, there are high chances that you can be affected by the nodes.The nodes are also believed to have developed from protrusions of the cartilage s called osteopytes. These cartilages often develop at the deteriorating joints in the bones. Cartilages are tough tissues that surround the bone and prevent the bones from rubbing on each other.causes of Bouchard S NodesThe degeneration of cartilages may result from aging. When the cartilages are worn out due to constant friction between the bones, the body responds to the damage by creating an additional bone tissue to replace the worn out bone. The creation of the extra bone results to development of the bony outgrowths. The accumulation of the extra bone tissues alters the appearance of the fingers. This process may be painful or painless. The severity of the pain depends on the amount of pressure exerted on the other live tissues which are next to the bone.

Are Bouchard S nodes curable?

As we seen, Bouchard S nodes are a sign of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can not be cured but it effects can be reduced by taking medications. The Osteoarthritis treatment mainly focuses on minimizing joint distortion, managing pain and preserving mobility. In the early stages of infection, you can use over the counter drugs to treat the condition but as the condition becomes more intense- you are advised to seek medical attention.In treatment of the condition, food supplements or changes in diet is also recommended.Presence of the nodes helps to diagnose arthritis at its earlier stages before the condition becomes more severe and extreme. This can help you to manage the condition before it becomes life treating. Arthritis gloves are ideal if you’re dealing with this condition yourself.As Bouchard S nodes develop, the doctor may decide to prescribe several treatments for you according to the severity of the arthritis. He/she may even result to surgical procedures so as to remove the nodes completely. The surgical procedures involve removal of the joint fusion, joint replacement or spur removal.Reference links Information about finger arthritis, Heberden’s nodes, Bouchard Nodes

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