Bladder Cancer and Some of the Causes

Before you can know and understand what bladder cancer is and how everything works, you have to understand the bladder. So, what is bladder cancer? What causes this to happen? There may be thousands of questions floating around in your head that you want the answers to.Everything starts with the bladder and it has three layers of tissue. Each layer of tissue plays an important part in the bladder and they are the inner, middle and outer layers. These are tissues that are located on the wall of the bladder. What does the bladder do? The bladder stores waste that is made by your kidneys.bladder-cancer-causesThe outer layer is the first layer. This layer acts as a protector for the other two layers as it covers the bladder with blood vessels, tissue, and fat. As far as the middle layer is concerned, this is mostly muscle tissue. This layer is important because it pushes urine out of the body. The inner layer is a little different and it is also known as the lining. This is how things function here: when your bladder fills with urine, the surface walls will stretch. Once it is empty, they will shrink. These cells are called transitional cells.What exactly is bladder cancer? it is explained as cancer that is formed in the bladder tissue. Knowing this, you may be wondering what are a few of the risk factors that come along with this type of cancer. There are six main factors that you should be aware of. A few of these factors include an exposure to certain kinds of chemicals, age, ethnic background, any kind of bladder defects, cancer therapy as well as inflammation of the bladder.As far as your age is concerned, people under the age of 40 years old really should not be alarmed since cases like these are very rare. Many people start experiencing problems such as these around the age of 65 or older. As far as people with bladder defects go, if you were born with one, you are more prone to this disease.People who have had cancer treatments or inflammation of the bladder are a lot more prone to this disease than people who have not. As for cancer therapy, it seems that only women are greatly affected. Women who have cervical cancer and have had radiotherapy to treat it are highly susceptible to getting bladder cancer later on.

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