Biotin for Hair Growth by Natrol I Review the Benefits and Ingredients

biotin-hair-growth-natrol-review-benefits-ingredientsAre you looking to have longer, thicker, and a more luscious hair? Then you should hear how biotin supplements (such as Biotin for Hair Growth) help achieve your want.

If you don’t know by now, biotin is a vitamin co-enzyme. It is known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. There are so many hair growth products out there, but some are missing the key ingredient: biotin. Biotin for hair growth by Natrol is an example of a hair growth product with biotin you should try for yourself.The body is actually able to produce its own biotin. However in rare cases, some people do not produce enough biotin. The majority of people who take biotin are those looking to have longer, thicker hair and nails. Results may vary between individuals, but most see a significant difference in the length and condition of their hair. 

Other Biotin Benefits

There are several factors that can affect hair growth while taking biotin. These factors can include metabolism, diet, activity levels, as well as how much water the individual drinks. In addition to hair and nail growth, biotin can be used to reduce symptoms of high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, and yeast symptoms. Biotin is able to help the body utilize carbohydrates more effectively by helping it metabolize. This means that the body can manage sugar levels in the blood more easily.

Biotin for Hair Growth Dosage

The Biotin for hair growth by Natrol is extra strength, providing 10,000mcg of biotin per pill. Each pill is to be taken daily with meals. Doses of biotin can range greatly from 2500 to 5000.If you are looking for maximum biotin and possibility of hair growth may want to try using a high dosage like this product. Some people may worry that the dosage is too high, but biotin is a water-soluble product. This means that any excess in the body will be excreted in the urine, thus overdosing on it is not possible.Although you cannot overdose on biotin, it does not mean that you will not experience some side effects. Biotin side effects can vary person-to-person. Some people notice no symptoms, while others may.Women who are pregnant should consult with their doctor before taking biotin because it can increase the risk of miscarriage. This product may also reduce the effectiveness of medications that reduce cholesterol or treat diabetes.In addition, it can increase the chance of developing cystic acne, especially in the chin and jawline. This does not happen in all individuals. Those who do experience find that it fades away after they discontinue taking the supplement. Drinking lots of fluids can help.
People who have tried Biotin 5000 mcg 3 in the past have noticed some slight changes like minimal hair growth and stronger nails. However, when they used the 10,000 mcg Biotin formula they were amazed to see incredible growth, strength and shine. Plus, no weird side effects…
In comparison to some other products out there, the Biotin for hair growth by Natrol is definitely extra strength. Those who are looking to achieve their desired results quicker may have the most luck with this one and it is also suitable for vegetarians.

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