Attention: Eating watermelon in this way can make you fat

Central advices: Although 94% of watermelon is water, it contains high quantity of sugar. So if you eat one big watermelon which is around 8-10kg daily, it means that you have absorb 1000-1250 kcal. So that those who try to eat watermelon to keep fit cannot achieve their goal. Why eating watermelon can makes fat? What’s the reason? Well, the main point is that the way of eating watermelon is not suitable. If we want to eat watermelon to keep us fit, we should concern on the following point:

We should not treat watermelon as meal

Although 94% of a watermelon is water, it contains high quantity of sugar. A normal watermelon contains 5% of sugar so we’d absorb a relatively high kcal of energy. For each kg, there is 250 kcal. And that means if you eat a big watermelon daily, which is about 8-10kg each, it means that you have absorb 1000-1250 kcal. And for a small bowl of rice, it contains 200 kcal of energy. You see, eating a watermelon implies eating 5-6 bowls of rice.Moreover, eating watermelon without control can easily cause damages to your liver and stomach . So for those who have the problem of indigestion and those who have soft faeces should control the frequency of eating watermelons. Otherwise they may feel full all the time , have a stomach, and do not want to eat anything at all. The large quantity of water in watermelon also lower the acidity of the gastric juice and that can cause indigestion and lower the immunity of your stomach and intestine.If you want to keep fit, you must not eat too many watermelon before sleepingWatermelon has a high sugar quantity so that it can higher the level of insulin if you eat to many watermelons before sleep and that can make you fatter. The newly produced fat are always stored in your abdomen. As the exercise at night is relatively small. Fat is only stored but not consumed. As time goes by, you will have a pot.If you want to keep fit, don’t use watermelons to replace daily diets. Pretty woman eating watermelon outdoor Although watermelon is a type of healthy food, it doesn’t contain a wide variety of nutritions, only a little protein, cellulose, sugar and water. And for our daily need, we need a large quantity of protein and varies of nutritions. So we cannot use watermelon to replace daily diets for keeping fit.Tips of eating watermelon to keep fit
    Avoid eating the middle part of watermelon as it contain high quantity of sugar, try to eat the outer part of it.
    In summer, you can use the skin of watermelon for dishes. It has a good tastes and it can help you to keep fit too.
    Just use watermelon to replace a few daily diets if you want to keep fit. For example, eat watermelon with meats, vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc.
    Strictly control the quantity of eating watermelon. We must not eat more than 3 kg daily.
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