Aspergers Symptoms: Children Might Have Troubles Developing their Motor Skills

Asperger’s syndrome is one of the autism spectrum disorders. Aspergers symptoms are caused by a neurobiological disorder that causes people to have normal language development and intelligence; however, they may have poor social skills, coordination, and are unable to communicate well with others.Aspergers-symptomsChildren with Asperger’s syndrome are usually isolated because of their impaired social skills. They may want to approach others and become friends with them, but they may behave inappropriately or eccentrically.

Aspergers Symptoms Exposed

Those with Asperger’s also tend to only talk about their singular interest and the conversation is likely to be one-sided. Their lack of social cues makes it difficult to read other people’s body language and they might have difficulties maintaining a conversation. They may also lack empathy and avoid eye contact or stare excessively at others.

Children with Aspergers symptoms might have troubles developing their motor skills. For example, catching a ball, playing with toys, handwriting, using a fork, and riding a bike may be a much more difficult task for children with Asperger’s syndrome than children who don’t. They may also have poor coordination and their walk may be bouncy or stilted.

Those with Asperger’s syndrome may be extremely interested in only one topic. These children may learn lots of information on their favourite subject and talk excessively about it. The conversation may be filled with statistics, random facts, and go on without any point.

Also, children with Asperger’s syndrome may also have a characteristic pattern of speech.

They may lack rhythm and be monotone. Sometimes, children with Asperger’s may not be able to pick up on social cues of how loud to talk in certain situations, such as a quiet setting.

They might not be able to pick up on different speech tones and pitches.

The child may not realise that a joke is being made or they might not realize that a comment that was made was sarcastic.

These children may also use a formal style speech that is much more advanced for his or her age group.

In teenagers and adults with Asperger’s Sydrome, they will eventually learn the social cues that they had difficulties picking up on when they were younger. However, these individuals will likely still have a harder time reading other’s body language.

Children with the above Aspergers symptoms may not actually have Asperger’s syndrome. It is important to get your child properly diagnosed. Children with Asperger’s must have great difficulties in social situations and also have the above symptoms.

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Aspergers Symptoms: Children Might Have Troubles Developing their Motor Skills

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