Afraid of Overindulging in Candy this Halloween?

With Halloween approaching, I know this can be a difficult time for many people ~ especially emotional eaters.  With all of the candy around, it’s tough to not overindulge in chocolate, feel ‘bad’ or guilty for eating so much of it — and then get into the spiral of eating MORE of the candy, or having it for breakfast on Nov 1st (okay, maybe that was me years ago).Though I have written about the Complete Guide to Food Cravings in the past, and the tips and advice I gave I still stand by today.  But as I’m constantly learning, becoming more aware, and after working with and helping hundreds of women — my insight is deeper & more profound.Afraid of Overindulging in CandyAs many of my readers are emotional eaters (and let’s face it — there’s a lot of emotion attached to food, so who hasn’t eaten for emotional reasons at some point?), I wanted to write this post for you.For those who have ever overeaten way too much candy at Halloween, and then felt bad  for doing so  — this is for you.So this Halloween I want to make 2 main points.  And if you get them, I mean really get them, it can make a huge different in your life and in your waistline:

Restrictive Thinking

Sure Halloween comes around only once a year.  But the candy is around all year long.  It’s not like years ago when candy was a treat and only eaten on special occasions.  And let’s face it, you can buy a snack size Snickers, Kit Kat, Reece’s peanut butter cup, Twix, or any other candy bar any day of the year.It’s not like “Oh my gosh, I HAVE to eat as much of this candy as I can as I don’t know when I can have it again.”  Let me tell you this and I personally give you permission:

You can eat candy any day of the year.

So get rid of this “restrictive thinking” that it’s a special occasion so I better eat up all the candy I want.  No.  Candy is candy and will be there any day of the year and any time you want it.  Period.

It’s Not the Candy that You Really Crave

When you overindulge in all of that candy, is it really the candy you’re aching for ~ or is it something else?  You see, years ago Halloween was a bumpy road for me.  It went either of two ways:overindulging-in-candy
  •  I avoided the candy altogether — and praised myself for being ‘good’ or having great ‘willpower’ (and I secretly felt superior to others as I didn’t eat any of the candy.  I was a superhero!)
  •  I ate one piece, then two, then felt guilty that I had eaten any candy.  So then a third.  Felt even more guilty and figured what the heck, might as well have another.  Then another.  And then felt REALLY bad.  You know how the story goes….
But what I now realize looking back is that it wasn’t really the candy I was craving.  I wasn’t craving something sweet to eat - I was craving for sweet in my life.  I was unhappy in some way (whether consciously or unconsciously).  If I didn’t have a boyfriend, or my job was stressing me out, or didn’t really enjoy my job, or I wasn’t happy with my living situation, or I felt stuck in my life.  Whatever it was, I was craving more from my life — not for sugar.Sure, sugar can be addictive and the more we eat the more we crave.  But often when we look deeper it’s not really the chocolate we’re craving.  It’s not the sweetness.  It’s the sweetness in our life that we want.  But we reach for the sweet candy instead.  Let’s face it — it’s a heck of a lot easier to face the candy than it is to admit to ourselves and face the fact that something in our life is off.Now it’s doesn’t have to mean you’re unhappy with something big in your life.  It could be something small.  Something subtle.  But the overeating of the candy is telling you that something is not right.  Something is not in alignment.

Bottom line

If you’re reading this and thinking “no, I really just want the candy” then you haven’t really gotten it yet.  And that’s okay.  My previous post about  Food Cravings is just for you.But if this is striking a nerve with you, or maybe just making you think a bit, then you’re making progress.So let me know ~~ do you often overindulge in Halloween candy?   And does all of the candy make you afraid of the holiday, or are you indifferent?

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